Friday, September 25, 2009

Crap at 4

Why does time flies so quickly? see, i've been trying to make full use of my holidays but it just doesn't seem to be enough. okay so i went to penang on tuesday *mum's b'day* and cameron highlands on wednesday. yea it's only one day trip. but it was a pleasant one day trip. to me. anyway, jiejie actually brought back ''chicken drumstick'' aka ''soar throat remedy'' for gheyghey. anyway, he's crazy for it now after much temptation i gave him. he was like being nice and close wif her when she came home. but the next day, oh-my-for-goodness-sake it is all back. the atmosphere, the barking, the ''grrrrrrrrrrrr'', the biting. oh btw, just wanna mention that i sleep at 4a.m. like almost everyday. n so i listen to ''4 in the morning - gwen stefani'' everytime the clock strikes 4a.m. lols. since jiejie is back, i get to maple again even though it's only a few days time after months of not able to login. after sending jiejie to the bus, i actually realise how fast time could pass without even noticing it. the only thing i wish for right now is time machine. oh yah, my nose is getting worse and worse. it's like gone and back, gone and back. still not going to the doc. who wants to meet doc often? i am officially fall in love wif though i hate it when i cant listen to the original cast audio. it's 4.44a.m. now, nice number.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Holiday finally started. lols. no lah, actually started yesterday. hmm, went out with michelle, karseng, louis, last week as a farewell for michelle. it's kinda fun hanging out with them since i'm the odd one = youngest one = under 18 = smug into 18PL movies "The Ugly Truth" = 1st time. that show is reali funny. it's very nice. i'm so buying dvd. pirated ones of cox. speaking of it makes me feel like watching it again. oh yah, the most funny thing is that i actually bought gheys a pink colour collar. it's just so cute isn't? I'm still considering to buy him shoes and a dress. yea dress. oh well, jsut to match with his name and he look super cute in it. too bad it cost so expensive. it's even expensive then buying my stuff lah okay? oh btw, i saw a rm8x.xx shampoo for dog. and it's a small bottle. imagine that dog could be that enjoy wad bout us human being? it's like so many ppl outside there in this world died because of wadeva reason. and a dog actually uses a rm8x.xx shampoo? for goodness sake, i know it's common but isn't a little bit over for a dog? oh and i think it's last tuesday, mrs.lee call for me for the 2nd time but i didn't reali respond to her. my frens been telling me to see her but instead i did not do anything about it. i mean, if it's reali emergency she would find me again mah + why would i get into hell when i noe it's hell? lols. it's not like i dun wan to see her, but the truth is, we've got no fate you noe? the first time she call the wrong name. it's like a huge difference between katherine and angeline right? so she's outta luck. the second time, is the day i was absent and she find me on tat day. see it's so obvious tat we have got no fate. still, we get to meet after all the merry-go-around. blame noone as my nails were long and kena caught. and the best part was, she dunnoe me. lols. i guess everybody in the class would be thinking tat i'm gonna be dead but the truth is i'm not. i dun usually mention bout skool stuff unless it is breathe-taking-earth-quak-ing-heart-shaking, well at least to me it is. hehex. oh one more thing, i actually realise tat i've got my beloved tofu princess darling (long hor?) which always there with me, my qing ai de(Ycube) which always play with me, my heartsweet aka my dimsum which update me primary stuff, my same-kind which chat with me during assembly every morning, my ex which actually pours cold water wif each other whenever we're at the main gate, and oso my pals which too many things to write and therefore i won't continue. I guess these are the memory i've got in 4 years time? actually is more then tat lah but i'm just too lazy to type it out. every year i've got different memories and they are different ppl everytime and idk why. n i love watching gheyghey acting cute and being silly as he is.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I wonder ...

Things happened unexpectedly. something unexpected. unpredictable. that i've nvr tot of in my life. it's okay. none of my concern. hmm, i started using facebook recently. i'm not reali in to it though. i just dun find it interesting. but out of bored, when i've finish my both collections, n nothing else better to do, i try to ... it. but it doesnt reali work out. felt so weird nowadays. like no mood only. cant reali ''feel''. ahh why would everything falls apart when it's not the end of the world yet? listener nids listener as well. nobody's perfect.