Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aiseh !

Blahaha! things went perfectly as i thought. better then ever. it's jz so ...... PERFECT! well, i seriously never thought that it would happen. i mean, how could it possibly happen? i'm taking it as a part 2. part 1 happens on back to 4yrs and part 2 is right now. this year is like totally diff and a whole new... say changes perhaps? i dunnoe but i'm guessing it. anyway, wondering why am i so free here to blog? becox pps is down due to some earthquake thingy over there n i jz woke up from my 6hrs ''nap'' =.='' lols. hmm, anyway, currently chasing a kdrama "Personal Preference". too bad pps is down! Zzz. oh n i notice that the connection is wayy slower at night. i noe, it sounds weird right? it suppose to be much smooth-er. even i, still trying to figure it out why. oh yah, school's on saturday. how great is tat ?! wth. kinda sian when i noe the exam date. it's like total wrong timing larh wey. s2pid-waste-of-time+energy+paper-environment+mother earth-polluting-global-warming exam. it's true. my class is the best example for global warming. every morning starts my day wif sauna. the weather already warm enuff, not to mention they jz cut off the raintree, oh and also no electricity in the class. wth. yesh, it's another example of living hell. fmi, pls visit 5cs3 of mgs 7.30a.m. right after assembly. [i'm not trying to spoil the school reputation okay, jz telling the facts. oh n promoting and advertising school at the same time!] it takes forever to load tat 5 mins video in utube. wugui enuff for me to blog, utube wugui-er. niceee. oh yes, i finally done tat s2pid moral folio. actually right, every year the school oso sell off all the hard-work-folio by s2dents n earn money. i wonder why can't they repair the damn it electricity instead of letting the s2dents experiencing sauna every morning? siann. btw, jz watch a movie directed by jack neo. wad a waste tat he got an affair! spoilt his name dy. n it's seriously funny, i meant the movie. awesome singlish! oh well, chaoz.

p/s : it suppose to be a fine post but it turns out all my whinnings. =p

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Big, To Me.

Why do u always have to surprise me? i'm happy enough to know that u didn't forget n wad's more? i noe tat time is very important to u n it nvr seems enuff. u spend ur time n get it for me, it doesn't matter anymore. as i noe tat i've got a place somewhere in ur heart. i really am touched.

p/s : i miss u badly.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


As of above, currently kinda trend GREEK mythology story based movie. why? because, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is all about Poseidon's son, and Clash of the Titans is all about Zeus's son, and they both are talking about searching and killing stuff preventing war and all. oh yea, they both uses Medussa's head as well as a weapon to defeat the monster. if u choose one to watch, it would be like "AMAZING!!" but if u watch both, it would be like "Zzz.." well, to me larh. hmm, i wonder when will they come out wif another movie about Hades's son? it would be like a collection. lols. oh n not to forget the medussa part. ahahahahaha. anyway, my computer spoilt. again. darn tat pc fair at the end of april ! speaking bout computer, s2pid streamyx. ahh. seriously, R.I.P. streamyx. it will be sooner n later if they continue to provide this ''kind'' of connection to ME. oh and i notice tat the conenction gets worse when it's getting late. i can't even watch my pps properly. and tat's a serious issue when i'm chasing my drama.