Saturday, June 16, 2012

YEAR 2 UT not-so ON!

Gonna have the first UT of year 2 on next Tues. But really, i'm not prepared at all. Got back from the 2 weeks vacation and come back straight away for exam, unprepared. Have to struggle really hard for the daily grades that i aimed for, the faciS aren't liking me this time round. So anyway, things got a little bit better already but here comes another shocking news. The IG advisor said I quitted RP. Like really?! Where did you get that from? He didn't even verify it with me and announce it to the MC team. And now i ended up getting replaced by some other people. This is soooooo.... arghhhhhh. Next, have to adjust with the "new surrounding" in house. The place is actually really nice and i can actually adapt the differences. Thing is, can she really stop sticking her butt in the kitchen every morning when i have to get prepared for school? The place is already crowded, and since you've got nothing much to do in the kitchen as well, can you pleaseeee not cramped the place even more? Especially i have to go in and out of the place frequently. Sooner or later, i swear i'm gonna explode already. On the other hand, if you think i should be bothered by your opinion, then you're not-so right this time. I really appreciate your effort but i really don't need these additional stress at home after all day long in school. I came back home to have some break, not to tensed up myself and make myself on guard 24hrs everyday. The pressure on me with the other people in the house is enough for me to manage already, more than that? Sorry to say but i really cannot take it, because whatever i do, it seems to be so wrong in your eyes. Even if i choose not to do anything, it is still wrong. I don't know what to do anymore. So please forgive me for occasionally showing faces, i didn't really mean it. Alright, better start doing my revision already. It's a mission impossible for me to do so after everyone's home sweet home. Ciao..

incoming war every day and night. you just have to keep fighting and move on. :}

p/s : 未來美在還是未來.