Friday, March 27, 2009

I hav been trying to change that s2pid blog layout for hours but i got no idea why blogspot just dun let me change it .. keep showing me error error error .. I tried to use my current other blog layout by copy paste but it actually gives me error too. I was like wth .. This blog can sue other cant ? Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood lah.. And also, i skipped school today again .. Lols .. But not on purpose of course .. I already get everything prepared walking to the car then my s2pid dumb gay dog ran out AGAIN and so, i gotto chase it. Sian-ed. This is the 4th time i think. So i gotto chase it and ended up got myself late to school. And so, as ussual, late = absent, this is my theory lah .. Dun copy and dun ask why =) Hehex. Been doing the patch thingy for MSea but i failed. Got pissed off because i download it for hours and ended up errors again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this sux ! Anyway, i actually finished 'Miss No Good' and in case u guys dunnoe wad's tat, it's a taiwanese drama 2008. Last year i watched halfway then stopped already. It's a nice drama though. Hehex .. Oh yah, going to visit my bro on sunday at K.Kangsar because of tat s2pid-idiotic-troublesome-useless-wasting-time-so-called-very-good-for-discipline NS camp. For goodness sake .. He's been there for a week only and he got stole 3 colgate, $$, and also etc. And so, people, plssss avoid NS if u dun wan to get ur locker break down and got things stolen. Lols.. 'Boys Over Flower' roxxx !! Fyi, it's a korean drama. There's 4 version of it, mainland, taiwan, japan, and korea. It rox lah !! Monday is having kh club meeting. Saying that we r making nasi ulam worh .. Oso nvr heard b4 .. The ingredients oso the same thing, nvr heard b4 .. Lols.. Hmm, i think i'll jz continue figure out my MSea *sobs*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay, this is my official blog. Lols. It won't be updating though. Hehex.