Saturday, October 31, 2009

TriAngel Love

Okay, so exam ended yesterday. went to parade after that. oh btw, my 'working' plan kinda screw up. so wadeva. oh gosh yesterday is such an obsess for me. i saw triangel at parade. it's like for gudness sake, i nvr tot tat ipoh is selling them. i was like damn tempted to buy. budden i didn't. dun reali feel syiok buying it. also, i sux in bowling. then its the rubic cube. yah the one wif colours n u make it the same. i finally solve it after 1234567890 centuries. i sacrifice my time to sleep jz to solve it okay? i wonder how my bro solve it within 1 min =.='' lols. these few days kinda sick wif chicken. why? cox there's one, alive, flying up n down, outside my hse. i feel like vomitting when i saw ppl eating chicken now. ahh. hmm, since exam ended, i'mma trying to finish up 'pearl habour' which i watch halfway. it's 3hrs =.='' b4 tat watch 'painted skin' 2hrs wanna sleep dy. then 'phantom of the opera' another 2hrs. why r all the movies such draggy. Zzz. oh well, gud show is worth every single moment =) the internet is like soooo slow n laggy. it's taking forever to load. currently listening Not Anymore - LeToya. quite nice.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mariah :)

Oh gosh, i'mma brainwashed by physics already. just flipped through it this morning. was damn sleepy. hmm, having last 2 papers for tmr. i cant wait for it to be over. suddenly in mariah mood. lols. keep listening her songs. i mean, non-stop.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just 2 more days and it's all gonna be over. oh btw, planning to get a job for holiday. will be going parade on fri after skool to see if there's any suitable vacancy. still everything is not comfirm yet, i'mma finding frens to work wif me, but all oso put my aeroplane. haiz, nvm lah, heart broken dy *ngek* i'm being lame, i'm not reali in the mood these few days. suddenly felt like we're strangers. it felt so different. actually i wanted to talk to her face 2 face, guess she's too busy for me. anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. she's too busy for me, so why should i bother ? i suddenly think of cherry. i get this from a drama. it says tat cherry sounded like cherish. it kinda reminds me to cherish ppl around me. cheeeeer up =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Quitted finally =)

Oh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, i'mma officially make up my mind and have finally decided to quit MSea. well i should have done it long time ago though. lols. anyway, having exam now. dun even ask me think about it. oh well, it's nice to have such a poor memory at times. lols. hmm, just a quick post here just to say tat i quitted MSea. wad, it's big to me okay? sigh, i think there have been mistakes surrounding me recently. yea, in terms of everything. hmm, having add maths and econs tmr. n i'm still on9-ing. aiyah, heck care about the results already. i wun be passing them even if i study. so why bother studying? i noe, it's just an excuse. at least it surpass me then enuff loh. i think i'm the only one hu on9 now becox there's bo lang on9 in my msn list. yea all my frens are N.E.R.D. =.='' actually i like exam week, get to meet my frens and go home earlier sleeping rather than staying back at skool and dreaming in the class. it's such a torture u noe? but it ain't getting better in the hall though. hmm, might going library tmr. i'm being abnormal. i noe. lols.