Friday, November 27, 2009

R.I.P. Streamyx

Okay, so yesterday the streamyx guy came over my hse. yea after 1 week of lodging reports n complain n blah blah. so he came n ask us wad's the problem AS IF he very pro. he say their department receive the report yesterday only woh Zzz so nvm. we let him check. then he din even touch or click, jz by looking at it, he say is the modem problem. so he changed a new one which he claim it only takes 2 minute to solve the connection problem. after tat, the speed is still buay tahan. then he say is our computer problem and say got virus which actually jz got it reformat n repaired last week. then after tat, he say maybe is our portal cable's problem. i go back n check 1st ah. yea so the whole process took bout half an hr which he claims tat he will only nid 2 min to solve it. so he click click click, ended up almost ruin my wireless. after he go, we use back the wireless. n guess wad, it's connected but cant browse anything. then last nite, we call again. n guess wad? the !@#$%^&*() bitch say, if u wan to complain, complain to the CEO. i was like wth. if like tat then ask ur ceo to talk to me lah. fck her Zzz Streamyx hav got such !@#$%^&*() system n service until u cant even !@#$%^&*() describe it. using any words for it will only insult n pollute tat word itself only. one word for streamyx, F.A.I.L.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Currently addicted in SmallVille. yea out of bored. was browsing pps. finally finished season1. starting season2 now. oh gosh, total 9season of it. it's kinda weird for me to watch though. i dun reali like to watch all these heroic show eg, hmm superman, batman, spiderman, n blah blah blah. speaking bout taiwanese drama, hmm nthg much interest me. 桃花小妹 is so not gonna get me watching it. dunnoe why but i dun like to watch 王心凌 acting. she very fake lah =.='' but there's one show kinda attracts me though which is, 海派甜心. starring 杨丞琳. the storyline, well actually all the dramas were jz the same. 90% of the dramas also about triangle love. it's kinda hard to really get to watch something different.

SmallVille - 8 more season to go

海派甜心 - support rainie =p

Okay, back to my season 2 =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So, ppl ask me any plan for holiday? there's one thing pop straight out of my mind, ROTTING on my bed. wahahahahaha. so yea. recently streamyx is like !@#$%^&*() slow and i am seriously !@#$%^&*() annoyed wif it. even my wireless is better then slowmyx =.='' oh well, can't expect much from m'sia Zzz

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Wahaha it's officially holiday since i'mma not going to skool tmr. so yea, watched slumdog millionaire tday at skool. suppose to watch freak friday though. oh well. hmm, as usual, jst another boring day of skool. cant figure out if there's anything better to do at skool. haiz, my frens started working dy. n i'mma rotting at hse. siansation is back again. zzz. anyway, it's holiday, i can sleep 24/7 dy. hahaha.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I felt like i just got punk. piss off. hmm, went to parade on wed. damn dissapointed when i actually realise tat the TriAngel is not a doll, it's a statue but wif the clothing only. felt like bang into the wall instantly. oh well. i dun hav to think about tat heartbreaking statue anymore. i'mma so not going to tat shop again. hahaha. i still tot ipoh actually selling it woh. yea still in my dreamland. suddenly all the siansation is back again. zzz.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Google, Copy and Paste

Skipped skool tday. kinda lazy to go. seems to be lifeless since exam is over. oh wadeva. hmm, had started my essay this morning. it just doesn't seems right. i mean, i google, copy and paste. and tat's it. i seriously hav got nthg to write and i dun even noe wad to write. i mean it's reali nthg gud bout perak u see. ''find someone else, i'm too lazy for it'' tat's wad i've been thinking the whole day. i reali cant do it n i dunwan to do it. hmm, 2 more weeks till holiday. oh gosh, kill me. c'mon, get a gun or a knife or wadvea. do it. i wun blame u. just promise me u'll take over my work would do. anybody? oh for gudness sake, i'mma insane. suddenly felt like sleeping. yea, i shall get some sleep. hehe. i'mma bored of rubics cube. i'mma tired of doraemon. i'mma sick of dramas. i'mma getting some sleep.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

B o R i N g ..

Hmm, skool was fine tday i guess. jz a little bored out n sleepy. so after skool we took pic for the moral folio thingy at the kebun angkat. oh for gudness sake, everybody so fake =) anyway, folio mah, u write wad oso can, jz act act only. lols. oh i miss exam time, can go home earlier. now everyday oso 1.50p.m. like hell in skool, well maybe not. but it's extremely boring and waste of time. wadeva. shall spend my time sleeping, dreaming, or something something. idk where my rubics cube fly to. but it's kinda boring. solve already then mix it up then u solve again n u mix it up. this goes again n again n again to me. cant seems to find it. so i ended up sleeping the whole day. dunnoe why but i'mma so sleepy tday. slept in class n jz got up a while. i jz dun understand why muz we continue skooling when we have got nthg to do. except for the lesson teaching part. okay, stop talking bout skool. skool is boring. shh. lols. hmm, i'll figure out wad can i do in skool. i mean those d.i.y. stuff. cox u cant talk, u cant sleep, u can do nthg. so might as well do some medidation in skool instead. lols. not a bad idea actually. hahaha.