Saturday, October 30, 2010


Uh huh. i've added the countdown thingy over there. anyway, some issues have been haunting me for a while and i still can't get rid of it. okay maybe i'm like thsoe kinda ''emo freak'' in school to certain people just because that i don't go to canteen for recess anymore and i act like those 'anti-sosial freak'. oh please. i know i've been giving such impressions to people-who-don't-know-anything-about-me around me *honestly, i'm really approachable de loh, just that u have to make the first step, that's the only condition*, but i think it's leaving impacts to me as well. i mean, recently, i went for one or two recess and i had some old-times moment with my close friends. i mean, they still are my close friends, and forever will be. but it seems like i'm the only one who thinks that way. well, according to them, i think i ruined the friendship that i appreciate very much. 4 years of being seperated in different classes. actually, i don't really see any problem in it because we still see each other everyday in school and recess. and considering the fact that we're having different recess timing, so we're kinda not seeing each other that often and not that close as we are + the factor that we made new friends too. then this year, due to the form 5's block is like miles away from the school canteen and i figured it out that it would be a waste of time and efforts because walking to and flo is time consuming you know? and so, i've decided to just hang around the blocks and skip the canteen part. nonetheless, i now the realised that i'm being so dumb that i could sacrifice that 10 minutes of gathering with my friends during recess time just simply because ...... . well i think everything i'm trying to say to fill in the blank is excuses? i don't know anymore. anyway, now that i'm trying to patch things up, and i sincerely hope that i'm not too late for it. it isn't as easy as it seems though. and why is it so? because we are taking different subject and we ends our spm on different day. 4 best langs at 3 classes. can u believe it? me neither! wondering why am i talking about all these here? it takes a genius to know about it. and that is, they don't read blogs. hahahahahahahaha.

p/s : deactivated facebook account.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The blog that used to be ours, is updated. i think i miss u. went to youtube for 14.02.09 video. am thinking, if we'll ever get back to the past. if u feel the same way as i do.