Monday, February 20, 2012

Lazing Around In the Morning

These few days, don't know why keep updating the blog. Am i being too carefree? I think i am, because i am suppose to go for my test later and yet, i'm typing this post. Really don't know how to use my time wisely even though it is last minute revision. What to do? Open book mah, but seriously, there won't be time for me to ''open book'' though. Well, i admit waking up early in the morning because i know that i haven't finish glancing through the 6P's. I just can't bring myself to study them. Especially there's someone sleeping right in front of me. Actually the test starts at 2p.m. but since i am staying like, so freaking far and the "school bus" is not available during school holiday, i gotto advance 2 hours earlier, going to school at 12p.m. That's ridiculous. Even earlier then my usual school hours. Last night, was talking about all the schooling memories, the most exciting part was copying homework from each other. Right, 4 more days and i'm done with my freshmen year. After that, will be having a short break. Let's start to think about what to do during the holiday. Work? I don't know about that, i mean, it seems to be a waste of my sem break. If i really want to work, i might as well stay here and work right? At least the currency will be higher. I miss my gaygayz alot!

look at him! sooo freaking cute. tat's my boy :)

p/s : mystery shopper and branded goods buyer.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lotus Seed

I'm having my study week right now. Yea, no school, no waking up 6am in the morning, but whole lots of revision. So it's actually something like lotus seed. There's sweetness, yet there's bitterness. Oh well, something that cheer me up is to have lunch with he and she. Had a really good time ever since, don't know how long ago already. Oh and, not to mention those really thoughtful brownies. I actually recall about an old tv series that i would really love to have it as my collection. I saw them on taobao website selling, but i don't know if it's real or not, summore the delivery is only available within China.

4 types of different brownie.

super flavourful cendol. rare to find these over here.

p/s : 苦心莲.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Cold Valentines Day

Well, the title said it already. It's valentines / forever alone day today. It's very hot here, but two of my beloved (under one roof) is actually having cold war, and I, so happened to be the middle person, also known as 和事姥(姥instead of 佬because i'm ah gal :D ) Anyway, it's kinda ackward but thats okay, things gonna soothe out real soon, I promise. Met my aunt to have dinner outside just now before we headed home. My valentine date this year. Hehehe. She said that she's my substitute of my guy. Hah looks like i will be dating her for some time since all my darling, sweetheart, qing ai de, babe is not with me. That's okay, at least i'm not the only one.

but still, celebrations are still on!

Texting MunWai now while doing my revision. Nah, i'm distracted, that's why i'm here. Hmm, UT coming soon already and i'm so not prepared for it. What to do? Last minute mah, is like this geh lar. Sigh, still need to bring my s2pid laptop to repair when my UT end, i don't even know how to go to the service centre loh. Going there alone, again. Bo lang free to accompany me ah. S2pid warranty gonna expired soon as well. Shyt, i havent even buy the bus ticket also, cant really decide on which date to go back because i dunnoe how long its gonna take the laptop to be ready.

p/s : Playing wicked songs.