Monday, August 22, 2011


Sometimes, being an anger venting machine is really nothing to me, as I have short-term memory. So, I don’t really remember stuff and I actually forget about them easily. But, when you’re actually having your final exam, and just to know that your previous grade wasn’t that good, well not what as you expected for the worse, and to be an anger venting object, after that, to receive a complaint from people for something that you’re not responsible for it but nevertheless, you will still have to settle it. Right, in the midst of trying to settle down everything, I would still have to pack for my bag and to do my revision, at the same time, to have some moment for myself. Just felt like, nothing is going on the right track. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but sometimes all the thoughts and emotions just flood and now being over-flow in your head. I can’t really say things out in any social network, because this would make things ugly. Yea, I can’t do that, shouldn’t do so. Okay, it’s getting better already. Chill.

p/s : stay focus, it’s not helping when you’re distracted.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Real Content Post

4months passed since I had come here. So far so good i guess. Some of them might think that I'm always busy and some of them think that I'm always so free that I've got nothing to do. So which is which? Heck care. It doesn't really bother me that much. No matter what, life will just have to move on, right? Hmm, currently having some thoughts on my mind, a plan actually. It wasn't meant to be known to the world until it's stabilized. Yes, it’s all about networking, but not when you haven’t even have a framework to show people, to use your networking and showcase your work. But oh well, things just doesn't worked out as what i wanted it to be, especially when you have partnership instead of solo. Okay, some heart felt moments, i feel lonely. But knowing that I'm not the only one who felt that way, just warm my heart a little. At least i know that I'm not alone. Usually, when this statement goes on to facebook, people will comment all sort of nonsense saying you are not alone right? Yea, if that's the case, why do i still feel that way if you really are by my side? Anyway, that's not the point. Semester break is coming soon. Just one last week of UT3 and I'm outta here, for a while. Not to say anything bad about staying here, but just a saying about how a girl misses her home? No, i am not homesick *trying to deny the fact*. Yea, the pushcart event is over. Good experience, to know that i made such a mistake. Blahahaha.

p/s : earthquake crack nail.