Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st Present Received

Hmm, i wonder any of u still remember ur 1st eva present received? any, any presents. b'day, present, or etc. well i do, but i'm not gonna tell u wad it is. hahaha. i'm not sure if any of u feels the way like i do, but dun u jz love receiving presents? well not to say materialistic. but wheneva i receive a present from anybody, i would feel like i'm being cherished and pampered for hu i am. well maybe i'm a little sensitive but when u receive a present = ppl think of u = u mean something something for somebody for hu u r. oh n if u see ppl saying 'aiyah nvm lah, wish me enuff dy, present is nt important'. bullshyt. try ask ppl around u, n see if they love receiving present a not. well maybe diff ppl diff thoughts. but to me, u dun anyhow give presents okay? u only giv present to the person tat mean something to u. ahh yes, i'm indirectly admitting tat i dun give present to ppl. hahaha. well not dun lah, but rarely loh. u can't reali anyhow n randomly pick a present u noe? it's kinda insulting n hurting to tat person receiving. maybe u dun realise it but when ppl appreaciate ur present like hell where as u jz got it for tat person randomly jz to being fake. oh pls. keep the present. like this might as well dun giv at all. at least u wun hurt tat person. but in my opinion, it's not easy n it's not like everyday u get to find somebody tat means something to u. which means important. so why not u show n tell the person tat u reali do appreciate and glad tat person exist in ur life? i tell u, if u wan to give present to tat someone, give it sincerely or i'll shyt u like shyt. no larh jking. wad i'm trying to say is, if u wan to do things, do it sincerely or the person involved might get hurt becox of u. of cox there's some cold blood creatures out there tat dun even giv a damn care bout it but pls lah, dun be piece of shyt like them. wahahahahahaha. so ppl, after reading this. dun u jz hav a sudden rush to giv ur someone someone present? *wei, b4 tat giv me present 1st, i inspired u de hor!* ahahahahahaha.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday, yes it's yesterday. it was the merentas desa day. uh huh. so the whole school were practically all in whites. hmm, nthg much to say bout it except for the fact tat it was tremendously boring? oh n they chged the venue from outside school - inside school. to me hor, to only lah, is like everyone of us got punish for no reason n tat we hav to run the field. LOL. oh gudness i'mma so lame, i noe. wad? it's nice being lame. no lame no fun. hahaha. lametard! okay enuff wif my lameness.

WARNING : THE CONTENT BELOW IS OUT OF HUMANITY. *p/s: dun ee yerr or omg when u read this. n if u're feeling sick do not blame me. i've warned ya =)*

Yes yes, it's back to yesterday. again. it's finally our class to bisect F.R.O.G. which i had mentioned earlier in my post. n now, i shall tell u ppl wad kind of humanity exist in my class. hahaha. everyone, well not all lah but most of them, were freaking excited bout it. actually each group suppose to 'study' a frog of their own but since not all of us are able to buy the F.R.O.G. we actually just 'watch and learn'? anyway, back to the F.R.O.G. there was 3 of them, small - medium - large. so yea, 3 of them die for them, yes them not us, i'm not involved =x i tell u, do not eva mess up with them becox u hav no idea wad they could do to u. they actually pin it to the dunnoe-wad-some-sort-of-board and started it off by peeling/cutting of the skin and then using the blade/scissors tearing the flesh apart. it's dead already due to excessive of chloroform. n ppl were like tearing apart the organs n digging out the eye ball. well they actually wanted to take the tongue out as well but becox it's too hard so ended up didn't. still, they did cut out the organs n ripped off every single of them. it's smelly btw. yes above all is the humanity shown of my class. of cox they r still some serious humanity exist. hahaha. *phew* or else i'll be freak out becox i'm gonna spend the rest of my form 5 wif psycho maniac a.k.a. biantai. jking lols.

Okay, maybe i exaggerate it a little bit but it's all TRUE. i dun mean to say anything or comment bout it *which i already did by posting this* but come on lah, the 3 living innocent creatures are willing to die n let u observe their bodies even bisecting it jz to let u see how the heart pumping goes on. but u ppl play wif the organs n making fun of it instead of something else better. i admit tat i'm no different wif them but i'm jz wondering if anyone ever tot tat the acts above had seriously crossed the line? oh yah, one more thing. ppl were like screaming n eeyerr n euww n blah blah blah saying it's disgusting n etc. momentarily after they bisect it, they r taking their own sweet time playing wif the organs n all sort. if u ppl r afraid wif it, dun bother to play wif its organs lah. wtf. play until so syiok. i dun see anyone of u saying tat F.R.O.G. is awesome b4 tat loh. shyt u ppl.

p/s : once again, i hav to say tat above all are just my thoughts and my opinions only. i do not mean to offend anyone but if u reali do get offended, sry lah, dun bother to come to this blog anymore becox this is me n i will not change anything bout it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lemon Volcano

Lemon. u've chg so much. a total diff person tat i knew once. u're jz like a volcano. so impatient, so not safe. yea muz admit tat u're very gud but u're very dangerous to get close to. u're so warm yet u seal yourself wif cold thick bricks of ice. wad i meant as dangerous is tat getting hurt, insults, n all sorts. wad i'm saying right here is all bout u. u love sour so i nick u as lemon + it's ur initial. the volcano part is right after the way u act, the way u treat me. u find all sorts of excuses jz to convince me it's not ur problem. u told me tat's the way of life. u told me i'm the one who hasn't grown up. u told me tat it's my problem. u told me tat it's me hu can't accept the fact. u told me tat's the reality. but i doubted them. every single one of them. none of them are true. they are jz nonsence coming out from ur mouth to me. u used to be there for me when i needed someone the most. but not anymore. u're becoming the one hu's making me to search for someone to rely on desperately. i dunnoe wad to say to u. i dunnoe how to communicate wif u anymore. in fact, i dun even noe how n wad to react when i'm wif u. n therefore, i decided to avoid u. not to hav anymore contacts wif u. i miss u. yes desperately missing u so so much. i miss the u, the one hu care bout me, do things wif me, slack wif me, n stay wif me. i miss the moments we used to spend tgether n i cherish it. a lot. i'm still waiting for u n i will wait for u, but r u willing to come back to me?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


wtshyt. jz found out a blog tat's having the same blog layout as mine. this is soo not cool =.='' yea i hate it. wadeva. shudn't hav surf ppl's blog. if not oso wun see tio tat blog. okay, so tday is the day we all get the form n make decision on taking wad subject. c'mon it's only january. oh yah, ppl've been asking me the same old question again n i'm answering the same old thing = idk. haiyah, dun ask me such technical question pls. wadeva. shall not mention bout it. oh shoot. i jz remember another deadline. wtshyt. hmm, been rushing krgans these few days. for gudness sake, it's endless i tell u. gosh, nxt sat got skool again. sian. but at least get to hang out wif frens after tat. hahaha. shud hav gone out centuries ago but becox of delaying n stuff, we drag till nxt sat. lols. oh yah, aunt bought me mp3. charged it yesterday. tot of leaving it overnight but the freaking laptop went power-save-up mode = din charge dao battery. sian. nvm. man man lai. hahaha.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sui Bian Lah

hahaha. i went for freaking skool tday n i'mma freaking bored of it. i noe, i sounded little abnormal. it jz doesn't make any sense right? oh btw, if by any chance u ppl buying printer or scanner or etc etc, dun even think of buying EPSON. u heard me, DO NOT. n dun even bother to ask me why cox i'm piss of it, so plss dun try to make me complain again n again n again. anyway, gonna bisect F.R.O.G. nxt fri for bio. wth seriously got nthg better to do go n kill a living creature. yah lah i noe got the stiching part at the end but i doubt anyone would do it after all those screaming n all. i saw some of my fren's frog tday n they r all simply ... nvm, dun wanna think bout it anymore dy. jz finished watching avatar for 2 freaking hrs n 34minutes n 19 secs, so wadeva i said bout the frogs can put it aside actually. lols. hmm, got lots of stuff to do, they r endless. i'm telling u, they jz wun stop coming in n they nvr get to go out. they r stuck! well, maybe except for the part ''ehh, u finish xxx dy ah? oh reali ah? can boro me a not? tks! *rushes to table n start copying* tks for ur book ahh. *phew*' any the rountine goes on. i admit i copy ppl's work okay? blah blah blah. heck care. very sian loh, fren xfer to other skool. yea which means i'm lacking of another pal n i'm not loving it. wadeva, gonna sleep dy, think so much is not gonna make me smarter. blahahaha.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I know i just lost and found my sejarah book*okay, it's not really lost and found, is tat i left it dunnoe where and my fren get it for me* but this time is for real ! my conteng book is missing. yea, another book went missing. i search all over my stuff and nthg ! hmm, dunnoe counted lucky or suay, but i almost left my physics book at the corridor but i didn't. but but it got replaced by my conteng book instead. yup which means i am now timetable-less. oh not to mention bout the marks i written in it n all the embarrassing stuff in it*got important notes as well okay?* oh great, this is just fabulous. i know i'm being so blur, in fact, i dun even noe wad i'm talking at the most time. i mean recently lah. all the coughing flu-ing headaching sleepyness is making me ...... idk how to describe though. lols. hmm, tday went on fb n kinda read a msg n it's quite meaningful, well at least to me. i might wanna chg a little bout my attitude which ppl claim tat i've got attitude problem. blah blah blah. wadeva. but i hav to say, i'm not chging for them, but i'm only chging for myself so tat i would not regret later. deep huh? hahaha self-praising here. lols.

p/s : i copy paste the quote on my cbox jz to remind me bout tat wheneva i on9, but it's quite meaningful anyway, worth to spend a few secs to look through it =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

C.R.A.P.S !

Oh my gosh, first week of school is finally over !!! i'mma so glad and sad at the same time. why? becox when it end = it's starting. and the routine goes on and on for the whole freaking year. wahlaoweyyy. and the moment teacher walks in to the class, they would say "gals, u're form 5 now, so no more honeymoon year, it would be a tough year for u all and us teacher, will be rushing to finish the chapters n blah blah blah etc" hmm, jz chged the mixpod thingy which i said i would NOT chg my skin for the songs sake and blah blah blah, and it's kinda ugly now, but heck care larh, i okay jiu okay. lols. oh and the mixpod skin got snow one since i'm a total noob at html which i dunnoe how to make snow falling through my blog. anyway, got sick recently. been coughing and coughing until i felt so paiseh for disturbing others in the class who is trying so hard to study except for me sleeping over there. lols. and yea, for tat, i'm taking at least 6 pills everyday *arhem, dun get it wrong, it's not the drug type pills* lols. well, luckily i'm not tat type of person hu nids to be comfort n whinning bout the pills n blah blah, or else i'll faint str8 away. lols. oh and, i think i wanna use a hammer and bing bang boom my room's air-cond. becox of it, all my books got wet like dunnoe what and all cannot be use already. some of them were new. i still tot of selling them to novel hut okay? zzz. feel like banging into the wall right now. anyway, talk bout books, which i'm not comfortable wif it more and more which is now, i did not get the full sets of textbook since our class is the class taking it. a superio starting of skool? niceeee.

p/s : this post is completely full wif my crappier craps compare to my usual craps.