Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random ?

Ahh, it feels so good to be able to online. after suffering 4 days of not being to online because of the TMnet. been calling them everyday for day and night but they keep giving excuses. and today, finally get to talk to people over there, so as usual, bro complain n the technician came and fix it. well, life arent really that bored with the existance of collection. lols. anyway, i'm so going to buy my dvds that i have been desperate for it since last year holiday.lols. sis bought me keychains from penang. it's handmade ones. so it makes them special. to me. lols. holiday starting, but i'm occupied with my oh-so-beloved dvds. hehex. don't feel like going out. been walking at the same place looking at the same old stuff and watching those 'seafoods' walking around. lols. it's funny to look at them =) anyway, the whole week have been such a waste of time going to school. teachers is not teaching at all. and we simply do nothing in the class. i think teachers don't even bother to come in also. lols. anyway, yaya on friday, i noe i'm suppose to skip school but since the nie project is not done yet, so i actually go to school for the sake of the title. darling u muz be thinking tat i'm very selfish hor leaving all the work for u and i go ponteng =x budden, the nie project ended up the same also. which is not done. lols. eventually i go to school tat day for nothing and i simply wasted my time sleeping in the class o.O but at least i manage to borrow my friend's novel to read. surprisingly it's interesting. hehex. i didn't expect it to be tat interesting as i always see her reading novel everyday. ahh and the small tiny little novel actually make my day =) been reading it the whole day. but since i finish it so soon, and i ended up dying for more novel now. siansation.oh yah, went to library wif darling for the nie project. went to parade for sushi. lols. my very first time going out wif darling o.O i actually make her spend her RM50 note. for goodness sake, i'm getting sick of Gays. i kena my middle finger this time and it's bleeding like dunnoe wad. not tat kua zhang actually. lols. but it seriously hurts a lot !! and he's trying to act cute as if i will sayang him. but he actually quite cute lah. lols.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Why is tomorrow coming so quickly?

Maple loves

Hmm, i actually skip school tday for the sake of playing maple. lols. u all sure heard b4 apologise - republic right? yah so, watch this video. super funny. anyway, since i dun wan to download it to my laptop n i cant upload the video w/o downloading it, so copy n paste the link lah. n last but not least, i love maple =p

link :

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oscar Award?

Have you ever dream to be a movie star? Have you ever dream to get oscar award? What do you know about oscar award? Everytime we mention 'oscar award', everybody would say it is awarded for your hardwork on acting. But, it is only available in hollywood. In reality, you would often find people that is acting so fake, commonly we call those people 'so fake' or 'fakers'. People around us, wearing a mask, walking on a street, pretending anywhere, anytime. It is not surprise getting to know that someone you love, or someone you care, or someone mean to you so much, that they actually lie to you or betray you. Don't be dissapoint but be happy. Why? Because you learnt your lesson and that you know what kind of person he/she is. There's a saying that 'Love you enemy'. Why? You should grateful because they taught you a 'lesson'. It might be pain, but oh well, 'short pain is better then long pain' right? They are the one who lose, but not you. They lose a good friend like you, which they might not get in their entire life. And please don't be obsses with it. Well of course there is still someone who might understand you and someone who might appreciates you, but it will be One in a Million. So, do you still want oscar award?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Issit too late .. i guess i'm just a little too late for it ..

Count Down =(

It's the 4th day of exam tday. hmm, let me think back ..

mon = bm : early in the morning, i still tot paper 1 is objective paper =.='' luckily i go learn ppl get textpad, if not die oso dunnoe why.
tue = bi : hmm, i think i'm doing it out of topic ?
wed = moral : i dunno wad crap did i wrote
thur = tday = bio : i havent even finish flip through all the chapter o.O
fri = tml = sej : i dunno hw am i suppose to survive

sigh .. count down till 25th !! hw i wish holiday is here right now !! anyway, i doubt anybody is on9-ing nw, they r most probable busy studying ? 0.0 oh yah, speaking bout exam, u noe hw terrible it is ? becox of this s2pid useless wasting time n energy + extremely ridiculous exam .. i used up my textpad. sian. used up nvm, the coperasi not open due to exam. =.='' try imagine hw am i suppose to sit for exam w/o textpad ?! the answer is, i go rob my fren's textpad. lols. hmm, tday is sucha day. my dog gave birth to ?? pups, then in skool i actually get free coins to make a phone call, then tday got back home early but car broke down halfway =.='' so it's actually make no diff. anyway, gonna take a nap now. i noe i'm such a genius for on9-ing when everybody is complaining not enuff time to study. lols.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's sunday tday, which means it's exam tmr. n guess wad? i dunnoe which subject we having for tmr. lols. as usual, i get to noe what subject at the late night. hehex. anyway, trying to find ppl n ask now. lols. hmm, last week n this week, is like busy busy busy. last fri it was my neighbour's wedding, then this fri, it was my mum's fren wedding. then last sun, a funeral jz near my hse, then another funeral few streets away my hse. so there's 2 red n 2 white happens lah. oh hmm yah, my aunt is coming back from sg n drop by my hse at 10pm ++ like tat. i was like waiting n waiting becox they called at 9pm saying will come to my hse. so me n bro n sis wait wait wait. i was like damn it sleepy =.='' nthg much to blog though. lols. guess everybody is busy studying except me =x who still dunnoe wad subject for tmr. LOL.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Smileeeeeeeeee. bro back from ns =DDDDD

Nothing Much ..

Hmm, skipped school today. what i've done today? nothing. completely nothing. except for the part sleeping on the sofa. lols. i jsut dun see any point going to school and waste my time and waiting to get dimerit becox i'm late *as usual for the past 2 years* it's like total waste of time going to school, sitting there like an idiot, listening to the teacher talk talk talk, not allow to talk or drink or do anything, for the whole day. just tat when u're tired n u automatically look tired and the teacher assume tat's dreaming. oh homework, is another part of wasting time. ppl is like obviously copy each other work n giving more then enuff extra hwk n get dimerit for not completeing. oh yes, another part of wasting time. i think i'm being no life as day pass by =)