Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ya-ba-ya-ba-doo. uh huh, spm officially over. i guess it's a little wugui for me to say this right now. hmm, merry belated christmas? anyway, had returned my textbooks to the school. last day also want to charge me 50cent for not wrapping the moral book. heck care much. u wun hav 2nd chance to charge me anyway. ahahaha. speaking of it, i'm currently packing up the books for novelhut tmr since i'm going to parade. but come to think of it, i feel so silly to rush for tmr when i can just take my time and do it until saturday. ohmygoodness. oh wait, i'm feeling a leaving school thoughts. i seriously think that buying exercise books are waste of $$. i find many of them also sketch a few pages and that's it, viola, the end. *fine, i know i don't do my homeworkS* but i really feel pitty to the trees loh. all going be recycled. *I CAN FINALLY RECYCLE ALL THE NOTES AND BOOKS!* actually it's not really that exciting though, just being exagerate. yesh! more space for doraemon collection. oh btw, had passed my undang. it was ...... boring. the whole process 99% contains waiting. fortunately i brought my doraemon along. so while people were sleeping / text-ing / sleeping / day-dreaming, i was reading doraemon. hah! almost forgot to mention, i met my primary school friends on that day too. oh yea, don't really have any plan on mind currently for my holiday. should be random i guess. everything seems bored. one more thing. mum+jiejie+me+45minutes+guardian = few hundred bucks fly. up till today, i still can't believe it. 18 more stickers to go for the plushie. anyone collecting guardian's disney plushie sticker thingy? spare me =D oh yea, went for sushi with jiejie recently. back home and saw the RM10 sushi voucher. Zzz. oh well, i'm sensing another sushi meal, real soon. blahahaha. my neighbour is boom boom boom-ing. again. aren't they sick of it? hmm, can't think of anything to update already. back to tidy up the books for sale. i just got a call that my L is done, like 5 minutes ago.

p/s : farewell to be remembered.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Slightly Catch Up

Ahhh i felt so relieved. well, not because of spm though. hmm, few months ago, i kinda uploaded a picture using imageshack. then i kinda forgotten about it until now. so i was browsing it and found out that it's missing. after googling here and there, it's all because that i didn't register for an account. i nvr knew tat it would go missing. so yea, i was so shocked that i went all mad to try to retrieve that picture knowing tat it's gonna take miracle to get it back though. and so, when i was about to give up, i bet my last hope to my camera hoping that i did not delete it. voila! i didn't. it's saveD and sound just right there. hahaha. thank God. as i'm posting about this silly-of-me incident, some similar memories kinda flash back in my head. i remember the time i left my bracelet on the sofa but i thought i lost it in my room and i went mad searching for it as well. soon i found it after looking up and down in any possible places tat i could think of *yes, i missed the sofa =.=''* oh well. actually, i've been looking forward to print out some photos and get the frame up. you know, just to touch up a lil on the empty wall. oh and to update the photo album like since, hmm few years ago? anyway, about the spm, hmm, it was usual. i'mma having one last paper, econs on 20th of dec. but it doesn't really bother me. oh yea, one more thing, i feel like dedicating a post to someone. yea i know, that person probably will not be reading it and not knowing about it, but i'm kinda having those ''emotional'' moment, in a good way. chaos =)

p/s : i'm not selected for NS. is that yay or nah?..

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Uh huh. i've added the countdown thingy over there. anyway, some issues have been haunting me for a while and i still can't get rid of it. okay maybe i'm like thsoe kinda ''emo freak'' in school to certain people just because that i don't go to canteen for recess anymore and i act like those 'anti-sosial freak'. oh please. i know i've been giving such impressions to people-who-don't-know-anything-about-me around me *honestly, i'm really approachable de loh, just that u have to make the first step, that's the only condition*, but i think it's leaving impacts to me as well. i mean, recently, i went for one or two recess and i had some old-times moment with my close friends. i mean, they still are my close friends, and forever will be. but it seems like i'm the only one who thinks that way. well, according to them, i think i ruined the friendship that i appreciate very much. 4 years of being seperated in different classes. actually, i don't really see any problem in it because we still see each other everyday in school and recess. and considering the fact that we're having different recess timing, so we're kinda not seeing each other that often and not that close as we are + the factor that we made new friends too. then this year, due to the form 5's block is like miles away from the school canteen and i figured it out that it would be a waste of time and efforts because walking to and flo is time consuming you know? and so, i've decided to just hang around the blocks and skip the canteen part. nonetheless, i now the realised that i'm being so dumb that i could sacrifice that 10 minutes of gathering with my friends during recess time just simply because ...... . well i think everything i'm trying to say to fill in the blank is excuses? i don't know anymore. anyway, now that i'm trying to patch things up, and i sincerely hope that i'm not too late for it. it isn't as easy as it seems though. and why is it so? because we are taking different subject and we ends our spm on different day. 4 best langs at 3 classes. can u believe it? me neither! wondering why am i talking about all these here? it takes a genius to know about it. and that is, they don't read blogs. hahahahahahahaha.

p/s : deactivated facebook account.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The blog that used to be ours, is updated. i think i miss u. went to youtube for 14.02.09 video. am thinking, if we'll ever get back to the past. if u feel the same way as i do.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

最真實的一面﹐ 最假的一面

這是我第一次用華語寫部落格。 不知道為什麼突然會有這股衝動﹐我想應該是我懷念以前的日子吧。 還是說﹐我在逃避現實﹐不肯面對。 是害怕別人對我的看法嗎? 其實我並不怎麼在意他人的想法﹐ 那是因為我知道他們都不重要。 無所謂﹐反正不論如何﹐終有一天會過去的。 最近都很煩﹐煩著在想﹐我到底要幹什麼。 就我認識的朋友﹐他們都有自己可以奮鬥的目標。而我呢? 停留在自己的幻想世界中﹐浪費了那麼多的時間﹐到頭來﹐才發現自己還在原地﹐一步也沒有前進。我常常問自己﹐到底是別人影響了我﹐還是什麼其他的原因﹐使我搞地一敗途地呢? 但事實上﹐我自己清楚知道﹐問題在於我。 我沒有恆心﹐我沒有鬥志﹐我沒有目標﹐我沒有堅持﹐我沒有努力﹐我沒有做我應該做的事情﹐我什麼都沒有。 在這世界上﹐我最不希望發生的事情就是令她失望﹐我不要辜負她對我的好﹐對我的期望。 是啊﹐沒錯﹐但是為什麼我總是無法像她一樣﹐放手一博? 我要求不多﹐也不困難。 我只不過要讓她安心﹐放心而已。 這很難嗎? 我不知道。我唯一知道的是﹐我不開心! 我真的真的很不開心! 這句話﹐埋在我心中很久了。我需要的是﹐能讓我談訴心事的人﹐ 認識也好﹐不認識也罷。可是﹐要做到卻實在不容易啊。 表面上﹐我永遠是嘻嘻哈哈的﹐但是﹐在這笑容的背後﹐ 可是掉了多少的眼淚﹐又有誰知道呢? 沒有希望﹐就不會有失望了。 倒不如早點來個了斷﹐ 至少不會傷心難過。 不想繼續了﹐ 都不知道要說些什麼。 大概﹐是我無話可說了吧。 就連我自己也頂不順我自己。 我這回可真的是徹徹底底的輸了。

Monday, September 13, 2010

Simply Comedy

Car broke down. again. that's all i got to say. 7 days gones. raya also over already. what's more? a whole YARD of b.l.a.n.k. homework waiting for me to fill in. and no, i have not started any of it yet. so please don't bother to ask me. blahhh. don't know want to go for resident's evil a not tomorrow. i feel guilty for abandoning my homework. yes, i do. don't doubt me. have some confident on me alright? i'mma g.o.o.d student. but i never bother about them at all until the moment i walk into class and see people siao copying answers. and so, being so considerate of not being a saddist, i decided to join in the fun, copy =) and yea, something to be happy about, jiejie's coming back. and something to sad about, nothing yet. hmm, currently watching an old 2005 korean drama. hais regreted for not watching it that time. what? that show was a hit and i don't think lacking of a viewer, me will actually make any changes. and i don't really like to follow the trend. so, yea. i'm watching it 5 years later. hahahah. Holiday. people tend to complain about it for being boring and all. but i don't see the point of complainning it loh. i mean, yes holiday is boring. especially the part staying at house having shift to use the internet. *that's me.* but still, you just can't deny the fact that you love lseeping all the way till noon and rot your day by simply doing nothing right? compare to the school days, of course. oh yea, i just remember that i haven't doraemon yet this holiday. ahh my short-term-memory is getting serious, seriously. hmm, drama and doraemon, choose one. i pick drama. just have to admit that i'm h.i.g.h watching dramaS. hehes. my holiday ahh? i think the most meaningful and probably the most not embarassing, is to have some real thought about what to do with my sticky notes that i bought. and the fact is, i am still have got no idea with it. but one thing is, i feel like my $$ wasted only. hahahahaha.

p/s : 1300-888-333

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Triple Digit Post.

Right, since trials is over already = results coming back, started to feel.. hmm, i feel like dunnoe wad to do. i mean, ahh nvm. i oso dunnoe wad i'm typing right now. typo typo typo. i dunnoe wad's happening to me. i hav got no direction, i am lost, seriously. i've got no aim, no goal, no inspiration, no motivation. people keep on asking me wad i wan wad i wan, even me myself oso dunnoe wad i wan, how i answer? suddenly, felt people around me had grown up, only me, still dun bother about anything. sometimes it's not tat i am not bothered bout anything, is just tat dunnoe where and how to start it. okay maybe i do, but it's only available in my thoughts, not action. i noe, my problemS is lazy. i noe lahhh dun hav to remind me bout it. it's not changing anything. well, maybe changing my mood i guess. anyway, still considering to giv it a try n go. ahh why muz life full wif decisions making? i'm always neutral about stuff, n now u wan me to choose? tat's so not gonna happen. guess i'll jz go for majority which back to decisions wif no regrets. okay, gonna make up my mind. get her out of my life. never ever associate wif her. every single second i get close to her, every single second i'm hurting myself.

apart from tat, i find tat nowadays ppl love to die. seriously. i dun understand why do ppl wan to commit suicide so much loh. these kind of ppl are selfish inconsiderate ppl. if u wan to commit suicide, then go ahead lah. u think this world would stop functioning becos of ur death? wake up ppl. u die is ur problem, but dun cause problem to others loh. if u try to burn charcoal or hang urself up inside the house, u will make the house not valueble as it is before jz becos someone died in this house before, and tat is u. if u try to jump off the building, omg pls lah, stop being so disgusting. ur body there wait for hu to clear ah? and ur blood leh? why wan to giv ppl heart attack screaming yelling wasting time to watch u die? if u jump sea, for gudness sake, environmental frenly abit can a not? stop polluting the sea. those underwater creature doesn't reali enjoy having a dead body wif them and wait for it to be found someday somehow. one more thing, if u jz die off like tat, u waste whoeva hu raise u up's $$. beside keeping u survive n having a comfy life, the moment u die off, they hav to go through all the death cert, funeral n stuff. u think it's easy ah? die die die, only noe how to die. got time to think how to die of cox no time to think how to survive properly lahh. for wadeva reason u wan to die, those r excuses. oh yah, if ur commit suicide plan failed, ended up comma, paralyzed, or wadsoeva, see, more troublesome. so ppl, dun die so soon, u wan to die, u oso die wif values. dun die for nthg. n stop making all those scars on ur hand. it's a mark of ......, nthg else.

p/s : i can't believe u forgot our promise.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Just some interesting pictures googling :

Good thing that i'm not stress at all.

Oh and this :

MOTHER: Why are your exam marks so low?
SON: Because I sit at the desk at the back, Mum.
MOTHER: What difference does that make?
SON: Well, there are so many of us in the class that when it's my turn for marks there aren't any left.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How's Your Day?

Exam in 2 days, tat is friday. currently, feeling everyone around me also studying like there's no tmr. indeed. well, as for me, as usual. lazy through the day. so here's how it goes :

6a.m. I hear tick tocks. i wish i could jz smash it on the floor so tat i doesn't need to wake up from my comfy bed n see those clowns. i tell myself to wake up for the sake of troublesome system. though i hav to admit tat the only thing tat keep me waking up is attendance n my mum's wake up wake up wake up. oh n my dearS.

3p.m. Another round of tick tocks. i hope tat i could jz throw it out of the window so tat i doesn't feel guilty for wasting time. i then tell myself tat i'll slp now n stay awake at night to compensate the time tat i let go out of my hands.

10p.m. When i'm working out *sleep earlier, wake up earlier* (back to 6a.m.) thingy, tick tocks again in my thoughts. i couldn't care less n dun bother to wish or hope anymore *white flag here*, i tell myself i'll do it tmr then i off the light n say goodnight.

And the routine goes on n on every single day. tat means i'm rotting every single day of my life.

p/s : stop asking me *wad u doing now?* my answer forever n ever will be sleeping, watching drama, staring on the wall n dreaming. as i always do. =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

By Urs Truly, as always.

Fact 1 : How i communicate wif ppl.
> If i dunnoe tat person = no emo + buay song face.
> If i noe tat person = no emo.
> If hi n bye frens = smile.
> If close frens *which i can tell them all my whinning n stuff* = talk to them auto = pour cold water to each other*

p/s : believe it a not, i dun look into ppl's face or wadsoeva if i'm not close to them. dun ask me why cox u'll be saying l.a.m.e. right after i tell u why.

Fact 2 : I'm str8 forward?
Seriously n for gudness sake, i am not THAT str8 forward.
> If i care bout u, i tell u the truth loh. u dun expect me to eat popcorn n watch the one i care to step into the hole n laugh right?
> At one point i reali buay tahan, i'll ask u to shut up but with manners alright. u dun expect me to sacrifice myself to endure things tat i dislike so much right? i am not tat GREAT. reali.
> It's not like i'm humble or something but at least i wun make up stories tat doesn't even exist. i just dun get it why ppl love exaggerating things n 24/7 throughout the year wanting to let ppl noe tat they work real hard but the truth is, the result comes out like shyt.
> I keep on telling ppl tat i did NOT study at all. but they jz dunwan to believe me. why all have such high expectations on me sia? my result says it all right? they still not willing to believe my words. u dun wan to believe, dun bother to ask or listen.

Fact 3 : Showing faces and attitude.
> I show faces when i dun smile. n ppl keep on telling me, ''dun so sad lah.'' ''why u look so sad.'' ''why u look so moody.'' ''cheer up lah.'' i am not sad or upset or anything. i just dun feel anything. i am bored. i am moodless. if i smile for nthg it makes me look like a total idiot, agree?
> I put everything on my face. i happy, sad, angry, or wadsoeva, it's very obvious to see from my face. gud oso lah actually. so tat i wun hav to listen any nonsence when i am not in the mood. leave me alone would do. as usual.
> When i'm happy, i'll smile all day long. when i'm upset, i'll curse throughout the day as well. when i dun talk, it doesn't mean tat i'm piss or sad or anything. becox my thoughts are elsewhere while staring outside the window. but when i'm high or excited, i laughed easily, loud.

Fact 4 : I deny tat i'm a control freak.
> Actually, i'm fine wif anything as long as i can accept tat particular thing.
> I dun chg my mind easily on wad i think was right but i do get influenced pretty quickly.
> Even if i chg something i'll get a ''yes'' from ppl concerned 1st alright? i respect ppl.
> If u noe me well, which obviously u dun, my quotes r ''cincai lah'' ''sidan lah'' ''anything lah'' ''oh..'' ''okay ah'' ''u like loh'' ''up to u lah''

Anyway, wondering why i'm typing all these crap here? becox it's randomly typed by urs truly. well, off to bed.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop Wadeva U're Thinking Right Now

Alright. i know there's been some talkings about me, behind my back. but, there r all not true. so dun believe any of them. not gonna write out wad happened, but if u wan to noe, u ask me, not other ppl. i noe i'm making those black faces but, tat shows how 'concern' r u to come n ask me right? hahaha. this is jz to avoid any misinfo. well, mouth to mouth, ear to ear, it is not accurate everytime. but dun expect much details from me. i'm not like 'fruitcake' telling people whenever wherever whoever, and the above all, the wrong info. i dun wish to make things big but, fruitcake is doing tat b4 i do. jz becox tat i have not taken any action YET doesn't mean tat i'm afraid or i have no pride or dignity according to fruitcake's fren. i am not avoiding. if u ppl eva have such organ which is brain, try to function it a little. do u reali think tat the RIGHT ones will and r avoiding the WRONG ones? if u do, there's only 2 possibilities n tat is, u're a complete idiotic, fool, dumb, physcho, maniac, freak, retarded, oh n maybe hmm s2pid? the other possibility is tat u're so innocent, in other word brainless tat u actually think tat way. many ppl've been telling me tat it is impossible to get wad they deserve due to some bias issues on-going but i'm not gonna jz let it off cowardly. u may think tat it's a small thing, but being insulted, oh n jz to make things clear, i did not get scolded. it's an insult and harassment. it unforgivable. u ask me to have a big heart and to forgive and forget? oh, tat's not gonna happen. tiny is completely rude, mental problem, irrational, judges a book wif it's cover, ego, self-centered, being too proud of tinyself *as if, n pls, do not make me puke on u by making me look down on u even more if u ever had selfpride n dignity* if only u knew wad is self control, if only u noe wad is proof and prove, if only u knew wad is manners, if only u knew wad is right and wad is wrong, if only u knew wad is humble, but it ain't gonna happen, becox if u surprisingly knew wad r those, if only u shockingly practice them, headlines tmr : "WORLD PEACE" n tat means, impossible. u call urself mature? grow up kid, stop being foolishly living in ur own world n start waking up n learn the cruelty of the reality. the truth is always cruel and mean to me. i noe, u ppl always refers this to me as well. but, i believe karma and retribution, it's jz a matter of time. i shall see wad's gonna happen next. if it's not settled tmr morning, let's start wad shud had started. yea yea, go ahead. find all the ppl u wan to. i'm fine wif it. u're wrong n i'm right. n tat's wad it matters.

p/s : i have already given u faces by calling u 'fruitcake'. in fact, i think it is an insult to the name itself and u better not pollute the name wif ur filthy dirty GGooG. n u noe wad, i felt so disgusting and dirty to have the same but so not same endings wif u.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday JieJie

I know it is kinda late to say this, n i doubt u'll ever read this, but i just wanna say that i love and appreciate the moments we had tgether. the crying, laughing, teasing, scolding, annoying and irritating moments we had. such days would never come back and it would be part of my memory forever, well at least it would be until my short term memory take it away. but, we can always create new and better ones right? u can't get rid of me, FOREVER. hahaha. soh ngap =) quak quak..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Laugh Reading This.

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To BenDan,
Happy Birthday To You,

p/s : randomly post for rememberance, lolss.

There's so many things i wish i could tell u but i couldn't, becos i forgot everything eventually. lols. i wish that i could get u something as a gift for ur birthday as this is a special year to u, but i dunnoe wad to giv, really. i mean, i dunnoe wad u like or wad u need. seriously. and i dun wanna buy u something randomly. well, u dun wan to receive something from me tat is not given sincerely too, right? so maybe someday somehow i'll make it up to u okay? hope u enjoy ur special day n cherish every special moment u are having now. *the moment u're reading this post is counted as special moment okay?* hahaha. love always, DIKDIK ! (i didn't reali mention name, so dun worry, nobody noe's hu u r)

Monday, May 31, 2010

No More Drama

It's exam week. since 2 weeks ago actually. lols. 3 more days to go. ahhhhh. anyway, i'd just finished reading through my old blog. back to 2 yrs ago, it's june. i was complanning about doing seni + geography folio and stuff. Then, last year, i was talking about having fun with friends hanging out. hmm, how do i feel? i feel so childish for actually believing there's such thing called "BFF" exist. anybody who actually know me, or maybe TRIED to know me, would know that i don't trust people easily. well actually it really depends though. if i feel that u're the right person for me to share secret, i'll share it. with certain limit of course. felt so STRESS today. rare enough to see this word appear in my blog?(shush pls, dun hav to remind me tat i dun bother about anything) not any other day, but today. surf the web just now. it makes me feel like a pathetic-desperato-loser(and again, i know, dun tell me, again). have u come acrossed a conversation that totally spoilt ur mood of the day? well, i just experienced it. it seriously-no-joking spoilt my mood. recently keep getting late to school. well, almost. just that one minute would change my day at school. close enough huh? Things could change in just one minute, what's more in a few days? well, let me see. uhm, i lost a -used-to-be-close-friend, i lost my pride, and the utmost is, i lost myself. it's really convincing tat i screwed my life. no doubt for tat actually. i don't wanna sound despo but, with all these happening recently, i gotto say, goodnight! xD might taking undang june holiday. currently threatening ppl to go wif me. ahahaha.

p/s : thank me for letting u knowing me better. *evil laughing*

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Win Win Win

Wth. suddenly feel tat everyone around me are so hardworking. all chiong study already for spm. n it's only me. yes, me who have not started any revision yet. n i mean, not at all. okay. i have decided to ignore her forever and evermore. to think back, like now, i felt so s2pid and regret for depending on her and relying her. gosh. i mean, look at her. wait, i'm not trying to gossip her instead, i'm just telling the facts okay? i noe i'm nowhere better then her. but c'mon. it's like so obvious. okay, maybe she's better then me. BUT let's not make things ugly, yea? {give some face larh, it's my blog!} last word, I WILL BE ACHIEVE BETTER THEN HER ! i'm so gonna work on my determination. no more half-bucket-water. no more delays. no more last minute work. no more talking, only actions. if u ppl happen to see me online, n if u ppl so happen to love me, tell me to offline. gosh i'm piss off. win win win. i must win her. n i will. retard.

p/s : i buay song u. i despite u. i HATEEEE u.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aiseh !

Blahaha! things went perfectly as i thought. better then ever. it's jz so ...... PERFECT! well, i seriously never thought that it would happen. i mean, how could it possibly happen? i'm taking it as a part 2. part 1 happens on back to 4yrs and part 2 is right now. this year is like totally diff and a whole new... say changes perhaps? i dunnoe but i'm guessing it. anyway, wondering why am i so free here to blog? becox pps is down due to some earthquake thingy over there n i jz woke up from my 6hrs ''nap'' =.='' lols. hmm, anyway, currently chasing a kdrama "Personal Preference". too bad pps is down! Zzz. oh n i notice that the connection is wayy slower at night. i noe, it sounds weird right? it suppose to be much smooth-er. even i, still trying to figure it out why. oh yah, school's on saturday. how great is tat ?! wth. kinda sian when i noe the exam date. it's like total wrong timing larh wey. s2pid-waste-of-time+energy+paper-environment+mother earth-polluting-global-warming exam. it's true. my class is the best example for global warming. every morning starts my day wif sauna. the weather already warm enuff, not to mention they jz cut off the raintree, oh and also no electricity in the class. wth. yesh, it's another example of living hell. fmi, pls visit 5cs3 of mgs 7.30a.m. right after assembly. [i'm not trying to spoil the school reputation okay, jz telling the facts. oh n promoting and advertising school at the same time!] it takes forever to load tat 5 mins video in utube. wugui enuff for me to blog, utube wugui-er. niceee. oh yes, i finally done tat s2pid moral folio. actually right, every year the school oso sell off all the hard-work-folio by s2dents n earn money. i wonder why can't they repair the damn it electricity instead of letting the s2dents experiencing sauna every morning? siann. btw, jz watch a movie directed by jack neo. wad a waste tat he got an affair! spoilt his name dy. n it's seriously funny, i meant the movie. awesome singlish! oh well, chaoz.

p/s : it suppose to be a fine post but it turns out all my whinnings. =p

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Big, To Me.

Why do u always have to surprise me? i'm happy enough to know that u didn't forget n wad's more? i noe tat time is very important to u n it nvr seems enuff. u spend ur time n get it for me, it doesn't matter anymore. as i noe tat i've got a place somewhere in ur heart. i really am touched.

p/s : i miss u badly.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


As of above, currently kinda trend GREEK mythology story based movie. why? because, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief is all about Poseidon's son, and Clash of the Titans is all about Zeus's son, and they both are talking about searching and killing stuff preventing war and all. oh yea, they both uses Medussa's head as well as a weapon to defeat the monster. if u choose one to watch, it would be like "AMAZING!!" but if u watch both, it would be like "Zzz.." well, to me larh. hmm, i wonder when will they come out wif another movie about Hades's son? it would be like a collection. lols. oh n not to forget the medussa part. ahahahahaha. anyway, my computer spoilt. again. darn tat pc fair at the end of april ! speaking bout computer, s2pid streamyx. ahh. seriously, R.I.P. streamyx. it will be sooner n later if they continue to provide this ''kind'' of connection to ME. oh and i notice tat the conenction gets worse when it's getting late. i can't even watch my pps properly. and tat's a serious issue when i'm chasing my drama.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ina - I Wanted You

I'm feeling so down. i'm feeling so low. to slow down and look back, or to go ahead and no turning back? tell me, i'm desperate.

p/s : i wanted to but i can't.

Oh pls, you're not doing anything but pushing everything to me even your own personal stuff, and yet, you're complaining saying that i'm outta my mind? c'mon, you did nothing at all still, i tolerate them. then, you kept me waiting and ignore me. i'm doing my best to do it already. i have my own work to be done as well. you are certainly not the only one who's occupied. i've had enough of you already.

p/s : it's meant to be solo instead of two.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini Holiday

OMGudness, it's B.T.S. time *it means Back.To.School. time* lols. why must time past so quickly? had a lifeless yet a great holiday. not exactly larh but at least it's better then schooling days. so wad had i done during holidays? hmm, going for movies continuosly, seriously almost all the movies i finished them already, including 18pl+ de. i tell u ppl, dun even watch DayBreaker. it's super heart attacking. u won't able to breathe properly when u're watching. well, at least for me it is. oh yea, alice in the wonderland. i was actually expecting something better then tat. the poster like so interesting n nice to watch but the movie Zzz. to me only. oh yah, there's one show, i tot it was eng movie, but it was actually canto. the title like so interesting, but the show ended up comedy type de. it's 'just another pandora box' btw.i got attracted by the 'pandora box' nias. lols. hmm, was not really pleasent going cinema watch actually. there's guys sitting beside me crossing his legs up, then the guy behind me burp, then all those ringing tones. oh my gudness. polluting my mood. wahahahahaha. oh yes, i haven't got my hair cut yet. lols. if i do things according to the schedule, then it's not me already right? blahahaha. ahh yes, i jz remember the existance of my homework just now tidying my bag. n stop nagging me doing homeworks. i jz simply can't control my short-term-memory specifically specially for homeworks! n i tell u, i got no fate wif books as i jz can't be bother to even flip them. lols. n no, they're not excuses, they r my theories =) anyway, during this holiday, i had such a big discover. is tat i sick everytime holiday is here. not reali tat sick lah but fever, sorethroat, cough, n the most popular flu. hmm, gonna sleep already. i need to n suppose to. lols.

p/s : am really glad tat u r wif me when i needed u the most.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Minor Update.

I noe, my blog dead for a month dy. nvm. when i'm happy = alive, when i'm down = even better. actually not only mine. but i notice tat ppl tend to complain n complain n complain in their blog most of the time. n i'm one of them. bcox right, when ppl r down, they tend to find someone or something or anything tat can help to express their feelings n hoping tat it could help them to cool down. instead of going boxing, constant whining on the phone, shopping or working 24/7 mad, n etc etc, now ppl trend blogging. lols. ppl very funny de loh. depends on their mood, sometimes they public their blog, then they turn it into private n the routine goes on n on until they finish emo-ing. yes, tat's the only conclusion i get as far as my observation. i noe, i'm speaking scientifically out of a sudden. i dun like it either. but i had a dream tat i fail my chemistry last night. all thanks to 'zhou gong'. u noe, the one tat play chess wif ppl in the dream? instead of dreaming m'sia got BooM, i dream tat i fail my chemistry. niceee. anyway, the weather recently is like darn it warm. n my s2pid-idiot-dumb-gay dog, being so smart, sleep on my blanket n cushion. no it's not cute at all. okay lah, i admit he's cute. i tell u, he's far more then jz a dog. he snores when he sleep, he open up his legs a.k.a. chicken feet expecting me to help him put on blanket for him, he act like he's injured as if very kelian which i fall for it n i brought him to the vet n he ended up running here n there miracle-ly, n he act cute everytime after he pee or shyt. no, there's no mistake. they r all true. it's the fact. he's super tricky and smart. tat's y i say, he more then jz a dog ! anyway, am sick right now. having fever n sore throat. having all sorts of colourful pills. white = fever, yellow = flu, pink = sore throat. oh yah shyt, i 4got tat i'm suppose to hav my haircut tday. Zzz. nvm lah, bro sleeping, he oso cant drive me there. he siao i tell u. after skool jiu rush for camp. then come back concert. then back school then go for another camp. hyperactive. lols. oh btw, since i'm too lazy to use the card reader for my camera, i simply google another pic to show how gheyghey act cute =)

p/s : i'm desperate for may to come. i'm simply desperate.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hmm, went out wif my pal on sat after skool. well, we suppose to go by cab but after numerous attempts of calling and hrs of waiting, we decided to walk over although none of us noe the way much. anyway, we still go for it and we took extra 5 minutes to reach there compared to those hmm, regulars? lols. anyway, we're going out again on wed. it's the only day tat is convenient for her becox she hav to wait for me as my class finish later then her other days. ahahahahaha. yea yea, i noe i noe. everybody is like in the CNY mood except for me. i jz hope tat it comes faster for the sake of the holiday. give me a break! u wanna noe something? becox i'm telling u something. lols. yea it's kinda funny as u see, i was like skipping skool very often last year n tat i dun reali hate skool tat much. n now, i'm hating the skool so much n yet, i'm attending classes every single day. gudness. if it wasn't for tat damn it cert, i am certainly skipping skool like there's no tmr. is not like i hate the skool, is tat when ppl r showing faces to u, yelling at u, showing attitudes to u, shouting at u, accusing u, i dun think any single soul would actually L.O.V.E. going to skool anymore?oh n also the lecturing, nagging, demanding. i often find our skool demerit system r kinda retarded. they keep on telling u to do this do tat or i'll demerit u. they thought tat it actually works on everybody but they didn't noe tat it jz doesn't n nvr will work on certain ppl. yes they always say tat they r glad n r willing to accept students comments but i doubt tat they actually bother bout it? hmm, maybe the furthest they would do is to critic bout the comments given during the extremely-waste-of-time n bored-to-death assembly? yea this is how they work things out. anyway, shall not continue my whinning here or they would say tat i'm trying to spoil the skool reputation. lols. okay, i'mma going to slp. din reali hav tat kind of U.S. time to rest although i did nthg at all. oh btw, did i mentioned bout this? i dun think so. yea, my camera cable is missing. aiks.

p/s : i'm reali glad tat u're here wif me although it's only for a short while n i'll appreciate, cherish it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Haiz, tday such a mess doing the s2pid chemistry peka experiment. i repeat oso get roller coster reading. gud lah. treat me like this. wtshyt. anyway, i chged the reading n randomize it. lols. it's not accurate though. hehes. oh gudness shyt, another 2 hectic weeks till CNY break. sian daooo. yes, i'm counting down every single day. i'm despo. wadeva. so fast feb already. although i still think tat it's too slow until cny break ! haiyah, say jiu say is B.R.E.A.K. but cfm teacher stack us wif hwks = no diff = doesn't concern me much. wahahaha.

Dun try to challenge my patience. dun push it. dun even try to dare me. i'm telling u. everyone has their own limits n my limits are bias to negative. i'm saying this becox u jz simply cross T.H.E. line. it's jz a simple theory tat i am very sure even a kindergarden kiddo can understand it. so why can't u? pls lah, why muz u make things so major complicating when it's jz a minor ignorant stuff? a little light bulb on ur head would be very much useful now.

p/s : i'm not feeling it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st Present Received

Hmm, i wonder any of u still remember ur 1st eva present received? any, any presents. b'day, present, or etc. well i do, but i'm not gonna tell u wad it is. hahaha. i'm not sure if any of u feels the way like i do, but dun u jz love receiving presents? well not to say materialistic. but wheneva i receive a present from anybody, i would feel like i'm being cherished and pampered for hu i am. well maybe i'm a little sensitive but when u receive a present = ppl think of u = u mean something something for somebody for hu u r. oh n if u see ppl saying 'aiyah nvm lah, wish me enuff dy, present is nt important'. bullshyt. try ask ppl around u, n see if they love receiving present a not. well maybe diff ppl diff thoughts. but to me, u dun anyhow give presents okay? u only giv present to the person tat mean something to u. ahh yes, i'm indirectly admitting tat i dun give present to ppl. hahaha. well not dun lah, but rarely loh. u can't reali anyhow n randomly pick a present u noe? it's kinda insulting n hurting to tat person receiving. maybe u dun realise it but when ppl appreaciate ur present like hell where as u jz got it for tat person randomly jz to being fake. oh pls. keep the present. like this might as well dun giv at all. at least u wun hurt tat person. but in my opinion, it's not easy n it's not like everyday u get to find somebody tat means something to u. which means important. so why not u show n tell the person tat u reali do appreciate and glad tat person exist in ur life? i tell u, if u wan to give present to tat someone, give it sincerely or i'll shyt u like shyt. no larh jking. wad i'm trying to say is, if u wan to do things, do it sincerely or the person involved might get hurt becox of u. of cox there's some cold blood creatures out there tat dun even giv a damn care bout it but pls lah, dun be piece of shyt like them. wahahahahahaha. so ppl, after reading this. dun u jz hav a sudden rush to giv ur someone someone present? *wei, b4 tat giv me present 1st, i inspired u de hor!* ahahahahahaha.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday, yes it's yesterday. it was the merentas desa day. uh huh. so the whole school were practically all in whites. hmm, nthg much to say bout it except for the fact tat it was tremendously boring? oh n they chged the venue from outside school - inside school. to me hor, to only lah, is like everyone of us got punish for no reason n tat we hav to run the field. LOL. oh gudness i'mma so lame, i noe. wad? it's nice being lame. no lame no fun. hahaha. lametard! okay enuff wif my lameness.

WARNING : THE CONTENT BELOW IS OUT OF HUMANITY. *p/s: dun ee yerr or omg when u read this. n if u're feeling sick do not blame me. i've warned ya =)*

Yes yes, it's back to yesterday. again. it's finally our class to bisect F.R.O.G. which i had mentioned earlier in my post. n now, i shall tell u ppl wad kind of humanity exist in my class. hahaha. everyone, well not all lah but most of them, were freaking excited bout it. actually each group suppose to 'study' a frog of their own but since not all of us are able to buy the F.R.O.G. we actually just 'watch and learn'? anyway, back to the F.R.O.G. there was 3 of them, small - medium - large. so yea, 3 of them die for them, yes them not us, i'm not involved =x i tell u, do not eva mess up with them becox u hav no idea wad they could do to u. they actually pin it to the dunnoe-wad-some-sort-of-board and started it off by peeling/cutting of the skin and then using the blade/scissors tearing the flesh apart. it's dead already due to excessive of chloroform. n ppl were like tearing apart the organs n digging out the eye ball. well they actually wanted to take the tongue out as well but becox it's too hard so ended up didn't. still, they did cut out the organs n ripped off every single of them. it's smelly btw. yes above all is the humanity shown of my class. of cox they r still some serious humanity exist. hahaha. *phew* or else i'll be freak out becox i'm gonna spend the rest of my form 5 wif psycho maniac a.k.a. biantai. jking lols.

Okay, maybe i exaggerate it a little bit but it's all TRUE. i dun mean to say anything or comment bout it *which i already did by posting this* but come on lah, the 3 living innocent creatures are willing to die n let u observe their bodies even bisecting it jz to let u see how the heart pumping goes on. but u ppl play wif the organs n making fun of it instead of something else better. i admit tat i'm no different wif them but i'm jz wondering if anyone ever tot tat the acts above had seriously crossed the line? oh yah, one more thing. ppl were like screaming n eeyerr n euww n blah blah blah saying it's disgusting n etc. momentarily after they bisect it, they r taking their own sweet time playing wif the organs n all sort. if u ppl r afraid wif it, dun bother to play wif its organs lah. wtf. play until so syiok. i dun see anyone of u saying tat F.R.O.G. is awesome b4 tat loh. shyt u ppl.

p/s : once again, i hav to say tat above all are just my thoughts and my opinions only. i do not mean to offend anyone but if u reali do get offended, sry lah, dun bother to come to this blog anymore becox this is me n i will not change anything bout it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lemon Volcano

Lemon. u've chg so much. a total diff person tat i knew once. u're jz like a volcano. so impatient, so not safe. yea muz admit tat u're very gud but u're very dangerous to get close to. u're so warm yet u seal yourself wif cold thick bricks of ice. wad i meant as dangerous is tat getting hurt, insults, n all sorts. wad i'm saying right here is all bout u. u love sour so i nick u as lemon + it's ur initial. the volcano part is right after the way u act, the way u treat me. u find all sorts of excuses jz to convince me it's not ur problem. u told me tat's the way of life. u told me i'm the one who hasn't grown up. u told me tat it's my problem. u told me tat it's me hu can't accept the fact. u told me tat's the reality. but i doubted them. every single one of them. none of them are true. they are jz nonsence coming out from ur mouth to me. u used to be there for me when i needed someone the most. but not anymore. u're becoming the one hu's making me to search for someone to rely on desperately. i dunnoe wad to say to u. i dunnoe how to communicate wif u anymore. in fact, i dun even noe how n wad to react when i'm wif u. n therefore, i decided to avoid u. not to hav anymore contacts wif u. i miss u. yes desperately missing u so so much. i miss the u, the one hu care bout me, do things wif me, slack wif me, n stay wif me. i miss the moments we used to spend tgether n i cherish it. a lot. i'm still waiting for u n i will wait for u, but r u willing to come back to me?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


wtshyt. jz found out a blog tat's having the same blog layout as mine. this is soo not cool =.='' yea i hate it. wadeva. shudn't hav surf ppl's blog. if not oso wun see tio tat blog. okay, so tday is the day we all get the form n make decision on taking wad subject. c'mon it's only january. oh yah, ppl've been asking me the same old question again n i'm answering the same old thing = idk. haiyah, dun ask me such technical question pls. wadeva. shall not mention bout it. oh shoot. i jz remember another deadline. wtshyt. hmm, been rushing krgans these few days. for gudness sake, it's endless i tell u. gosh, nxt sat got skool again. sian. but at least get to hang out wif frens after tat. hahaha. shud hav gone out centuries ago but becox of delaying n stuff, we drag till nxt sat. lols. oh yah, aunt bought me mp3. charged it yesterday. tot of leaving it overnight but the freaking laptop went power-save-up mode = din charge dao battery. sian. nvm. man man lai. hahaha.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sui Bian Lah

hahaha. i went for freaking skool tday n i'mma freaking bored of it. i noe, i sounded little abnormal. it jz doesn't make any sense right? oh btw, if by any chance u ppl buying printer or scanner or etc etc, dun even think of buying EPSON. u heard me, DO NOT. n dun even bother to ask me why cox i'm piss of it, so plss dun try to make me complain again n again n again. anyway, gonna bisect F.R.O.G. nxt fri for bio. wth seriously got nthg better to do go n kill a living creature. yah lah i noe got the stiching part at the end but i doubt anyone would do it after all those screaming n all. i saw some of my fren's frog tday n they r all simply ... nvm, dun wanna think bout it anymore dy. jz finished watching avatar for 2 freaking hrs n 34minutes n 19 secs, so wadeva i said bout the frogs can put it aside actually. lols. hmm, got lots of stuff to do, they r endless. i'm telling u, they jz wun stop coming in n they nvr get to go out. they r stuck! well, maybe except for the part ''ehh, u finish xxx dy ah? oh reali ah? can boro me a not? tks! *rushes to table n start copying* tks for ur book ahh. *phew*' any the rountine goes on. i admit i copy ppl's work okay? blah blah blah. heck care. very sian loh, fren xfer to other skool. yea which means i'm lacking of another pal n i'm not loving it. wadeva, gonna sleep dy, think so much is not gonna make me smarter. blahahaha.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I know i just lost and found my sejarah book*okay, it's not really lost and found, is tat i left it dunnoe where and my fren get it for me* but this time is for real ! my conteng book is missing. yea, another book went missing. i search all over my stuff and nthg ! hmm, dunnoe counted lucky or suay, but i almost left my physics book at the corridor but i didn't. but but it got replaced by my conteng book instead. yup which means i am now timetable-less. oh not to mention bout the marks i written in it n all the embarrassing stuff in it*got important notes as well okay?* oh great, this is just fabulous. i know i'm being so blur, in fact, i dun even noe wad i'm talking at the most time. i mean recently lah. all the coughing flu-ing headaching sleepyness is making me ...... idk how to describe though. lols. hmm, tday went on fb n kinda read a msg n it's quite meaningful, well at least to me. i might wanna chg a little bout my attitude which ppl claim tat i've got attitude problem. blah blah blah. wadeva. but i hav to say, i'm not chging for them, but i'm only chging for myself so tat i would not regret later. deep huh? hahaha self-praising here. lols.

p/s : i copy paste the quote on my cbox jz to remind me bout tat wheneva i on9, but it's quite meaningful anyway, worth to spend a few secs to look through it =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

C.R.A.P.S !

Oh my gosh, first week of school is finally over !!! i'mma so glad and sad at the same time. why? becox when it end = it's starting. and the routine goes on and on for the whole freaking year. wahlaoweyyy. and the moment teacher walks in to the class, they would say "gals, u're form 5 now, so no more honeymoon year, it would be a tough year for u all and us teacher, will be rushing to finish the chapters n blah blah blah etc" hmm, jz chged the mixpod thingy which i said i would NOT chg my skin for the songs sake and blah blah blah, and it's kinda ugly now, but heck care larh, i okay jiu okay. lols. oh and the mixpod skin got snow one since i'm a total noob at html which i dunnoe how to make snow falling through my blog. anyway, got sick recently. been coughing and coughing until i felt so paiseh for disturbing others in the class who is trying so hard to study except for me sleeping over there. lols. and yea, for tat, i'm taking at least 6 pills everyday *arhem, dun get it wrong, it's not the drug type pills* lols. well, luckily i'm not tat type of person hu nids to be comfort n whinning bout the pills n blah blah, or else i'll faint str8 away. lols. oh and, i think i wanna use a hammer and bing bang boom my room's air-cond. becox of it, all my books got wet like dunnoe what and all cannot be use already. some of them were new. i still tot of selling them to novel hut okay? zzz. feel like banging into the wall right now. anyway, talk bout books, which i'm not comfortable wif it more and more which is now, i did not get the full sets of textbook since our class is the class taking it. a superio starting of skool? niceeee.

p/s : this post is completely full wif my crappier craps compare to my usual craps.