Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Cs

Since the beginning of semester one, i keep on staying back for all sort of nonsence talk and submitting all the crap RJs. All my effort finally paid off. Yea, i know it's not a big deal of clearing CE points, but it's something to me alright? In fact, i have got extra points summore. True mah, i clear them all within my year 1 studies when i'm given 3 yrs time. Hah! At least i don't have to worry much about it anymore, and i can afford CE deduction okay. Anyway, came back home early today compared to my usual days. Faci release the class 30 minutes earlier. The CNY mood had been around the places, but i'm still not feeling it. Every year, Shandy is a must for CNY. It contain super duper hyper extremely low alcohol percentage but, i take it as a part of my CNY tradition already. Goes the best with YuShang. Hmm, gotten a beats earpiece, fake one though. But the sound and all is very nice. I love it. Oh yea, recently kinda obssess with Crabtree and Evelyn.

p/s : some topic are meant to be sealed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, not at Ipoh Garden.

In just a blink of an eye, it's already 2012 and I'm still in the midst of UT period, at Singapore. Speaking about UT, kinda regret for not getting myself MC for UT2 today. But oh well, on the bright side, at least I faced it instead of avoiding it, right? I mean, whatever grade that I get, I think I really deserved it and I should be proud of it, because I did not get that grade by sneaking my way out. And hey, it takes whole lots of courage to not back out from a guaranteed A okay? Hmm, I’m still on with all my UTs, my IGs, my work, and project A. Well, about my previous project, it didn’t really worked out so now, I named it project A, which obviously is my initial. Project A is still at its development phase but I am working on it, all I need is the right time and the right place. Felt so restless nowadays, and I actually slept at 10pm last night, the day before my UT2. I am really tired and I lost to my sleepiness. Oh well, better skype now, she’s online. Hehes.

p/s : Extravagant challenge & Material queen.