Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Triple Digit Post.

Right, since trials is over already = results coming back, started to feel.. hmm, i feel like dunnoe wad to do. i mean, ahh nvm. i oso dunnoe wad i'm typing right now. typo typo typo. i dunnoe wad's happening to me. i hav got no direction, i am lost, seriously. i've got no aim, no goal, no inspiration, no motivation. people keep on asking me wad i wan wad i wan, even me myself oso dunnoe wad i wan, how i answer? suddenly, felt people around me had grown up, only me, still dun bother about anything. sometimes it's not tat i am not bothered bout anything, is just tat dunnoe where and how to start it. okay maybe i do, but it's only available in my thoughts, not action. i noe, my problemS is lazy. i noe lahhh dun hav to remind me bout it. it's not changing anything. well, maybe changing my mood i guess. anyway, still considering to giv it a try n go. ahh why muz life full wif decisions making? i'm always neutral about stuff, n now u wan me to choose? tat's so not gonna happen. guess i'll jz go for majority which back to decisions wif no regrets. okay, gonna make up my mind. get her out of my life. never ever associate wif her. every single second i get close to her, every single second i'm hurting myself.

apart from tat, i find tat nowadays ppl love to die. seriously. i dun understand why do ppl wan to commit suicide so much loh. these kind of ppl are selfish inconsiderate ppl. if u wan to commit suicide, then go ahead lah. u think this world would stop functioning becos of ur death? wake up ppl. u die is ur problem, but dun cause problem to others loh. if u try to burn charcoal or hang urself up inside the house, u will make the house not valueble as it is before jz becos someone died in this house before, and tat is u. if u try to jump off the building, omg pls lah, stop being so disgusting. ur body there wait for hu to clear ah? and ur blood leh? why wan to giv ppl heart attack screaming yelling wasting time to watch u die? if u jump sea, for gudness sake, environmental frenly abit can a not? stop polluting the sea. those underwater creature doesn't reali enjoy having a dead body wif them and wait for it to be found someday somehow. one more thing, if u jz die off like tat, u waste whoeva hu raise u up's $$. beside keeping u survive n having a comfy life, the moment u die off, they hav to go through all the death cert, funeral n stuff. u think it's easy ah? die die die, only noe how to die. got time to think how to die of cox no time to think how to survive properly lahh. for wadeva reason u wan to die, those r excuses. oh yah, if ur commit suicide plan failed, ended up comma, paralyzed, or wadsoeva, see, more troublesome. so ppl, dun die so soon, u wan to die, u oso die wif values. dun die for nthg. n stop making all those scars on ur hand. it's a mark of ......, nthg else.

p/s : i can't believe u forgot our promise.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Just some interesting pictures googling :

Good thing that i'm not stress at all.

Oh and this :

MOTHER: Why are your exam marks so low?
SON: Because I sit at the desk at the back, Mum.
MOTHER: What difference does that make?
SON: Well, there are so many of us in the class that when it's my turn for marks there aren't any left.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How's Your Day?

Exam in 2 days, tat is friday. currently, feeling everyone around me also studying like there's no tmr. indeed. well, as for me, as usual. lazy through the day. so here's how it goes :

6a.m. I hear tick tocks. i wish i could jz smash it on the floor so tat i doesn't need to wake up from my comfy bed n see those clowns. i tell myself to wake up for the sake of troublesome system. though i hav to admit tat the only thing tat keep me waking up is attendance n my mum's wake up wake up wake up. oh n my dearS.

3p.m. Another round of tick tocks. i hope tat i could jz throw it out of the window so tat i doesn't feel guilty for wasting time. i then tell myself tat i'll slp now n stay awake at night to compensate the time tat i let go out of my hands.

10p.m. When i'm working out *sleep earlier, wake up earlier* (back to 6a.m.) thingy, tick tocks again in my thoughts. i couldn't care less n dun bother to wish or hope anymore *white flag here*, i tell myself i'll do it tmr then i off the light n say goodnight.

And the routine goes on n on every single day. tat means i'm rotting every single day of my life.

p/s : stop asking me *wad u doing now?* my answer forever n ever will be sleeping, watching drama, staring on the wall n dreaming. as i always do. =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

By Urs Truly, as always.

Fact 1 : How i communicate wif ppl.
> If i dunnoe tat person = no emo + buay song face.
> If i noe tat person = no emo.
> If hi n bye frens = smile.
> If close frens *which i can tell them all my whinning n stuff* = talk to them auto = pour cold water to each other*

p/s : believe it a not, i dun look into ppl's face or wadsoeva if i'm not close to them. dun ask me why cox u'll be saying l.a.m.e. right after i tell u why.

Fact 2 : I'm str8 forward?
Seriously n for gudness sake, i am not THAT str8 forward.
> If i care bout u, i tell u the truth loh. u dun expect me to eat popcorn n watch the one i care to step into the hole n laugh right?
> At one point i reali buay tahan, i'll ask u to shut up but with manners alright. u dun expect me to sacrifice myself to endure things tat i dislike so much right? i am not tat GREAT. reali.
> It's not like i'm humble or something but at least i wun make up stories tat doesn't even exist. i just dun get it why ppl love exaggerating things n 24/7 throughout the year wanting to let ppl noe tat they work real hard but the truth is, the result comes out like shyt.
> I keep on telling ppl tat i did NOT study at all. but they jz dunwan to believe me. why all have such high expectations on me sia? my result says it all right? they still not willing to believe my words. u dun wan to believe, dun bother to ask or listen.

Fact 3 : Showing faces and attitude.
> I show faces when i dun smile. n ppl keep on telling me, ''dun so sad lah.'' ''why u look so sad.'' ''why u look so moody.'' ''cheer up lah.'' i am not sad or upset or anything. i just dun feel anything. i am bored. i am moodless. if i smile for nthg it makes me look like a total idiot, agree?
> I put everything on my face. i happy, sad, angry, or wadsoeva, it's very obvious to see from my face. gud oso lah actually. so tat i wun hav to listen any nonsence when i am not in the mood. leave me alone would do. as usual.
> When i'm happy, i'll smile all day long. when i'm upset, i'll curse throughout the day as well. when i dun talk, it doesn't mean tat i'm piss or sad or anything. becox my thoughts are elsewhere while staring outside the window. but when i'm high or excited, i laughed easily, loud.

Fact 4 : I deny tat i'm a control freak.
> Actually, i'm fine wif anything as long as i can accept tat particular thing.
> I dun chg my mind easily on wad i think was right but i do get influenced pretty quickly.
> Even if i chg something i'll get a ''yes'' from ppl concerned 1st alright? i respect ppl.
> If u noe me well, which obviously u dun, my quotes r ''cincai lah'' ''sidan lah'' ''anything lah'' ''oh..'' ''okay ah'' ''u like loh'' ''up to u lah''

Anyway, wondering why i'm typing all these crap here? becox it's randomly typed by urs truly. well, off to bed.