Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time's Up

Okay, i know it's a little bit lateeee, but Ho Ho Ho, Merry Belated Christmas !! wad? it's kawaii. hmm, anyway, went to my bro's fren's church on tat day. yea actually dun reali intend to go at the beginning but but but, since we're kinda rush to make decision, so we eventually join them. oh btw, it's St.Peter church. we went there just for the drama which turned out quite funny n interesting. well everything goes smooth except for the part we had to go for drive through mcd and eat in the car just becox we're last minute. yea, while ppl happily celebrating x'mas somewhere else, oh i dunnoe, house or outside perhaps? n i gotto rush mcd in the car. niceeee. hmm, how i wish time could stop right now, at this very moment. let me enjoy the silence of the night and embrace wad i've got now. let me solo this very moment for a little while more. i dunnoe bout others but sometimes, i think tat sleeping is a total waste of time especially now. i mean, it's already wednesday. a couple of days more it's 'back to skool' time again. not to mention bout stress but it's reali hard to make a choice when u've got no idea wad options u got. i noe tat it sounds a little out-of-reality but i'm reali in to it. for once in my life tat i could hold on something for so long. i reali reali reali reali reali reali reali reali wish tat u could stay out of my mind and stay out of my life, jz like wad u did previously. i dun wanna noe things bout u through other ppl's word. i'm exhausted. ur existance, ur attendance, ur appearance is making me sick, n i'm tired of being sick, as i am sick of it. i dun wanna pretend anymore. i dun wanna continue faking it anymore. i dun wanna get related wif u at all. i felt so disgusted, annoyed, irritated, and polluted. you hurt me with such a simple and short conversation.

p/s : STREAMYX NEVER FAILS TO FAIL ME =) *my dear, we lodging report to u monthly*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

No way

Mixpod !@#$%^&*(). i like my current skin i dunwan to chg it. it's so !@#$%^&*() not my style. u think i would chg my style jz to !@#$%^&*() u ah? u think i would chg my skin for a song jz becox u !@#$%^&*() dun allow my skin to play video. u !@#$%^&*() like !@#$%^&*(). dream on. there's no way i could do such ridiculous thing even though i'm despo. oh btw, tmr gonna be another gathering for primary classmate again at iccc 2p.m. not going though becox ......

p/s : u hurt me so much by jz a simple and short conversation.

X'mas eve

Wahlauweyyyy, it's been soooo long since i post. it's x'mas eve tday. so i bet everybody is busy celebrating with their love ones except for me tks to my beloved-dear-loving brother leaving me alone at home going out wif his frens. how "niceeee" of him. anyway, when he's gone = no more sharing wireless. muahahahahaha. haiz, suddenly felt so lonely tday. nobody pei wo. suan, i celebrate this very moment wif my gheyghey. okay, since now trend posting bout yr 2009 n blah blah blah, so i shall join it. hahaha. hmm, so many things happened this yr especially end of the yr. shall not recall wad happen which makes me feel darn it regret and disgusting at the same time. anyway, 2009 is definately not my year. aiyah wadeva lah. heck care so much. sui bian jiu okay.

p/s : see the tile big big, noe wad to do lah hor =x *present present*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding Dress

I'm kinda tired of watching dramas already. whenever i saw DVDs, i would think of what happen at the past that i wish i could erase it out of my life. people who know me would and should know that i used to be obsess with DVDs but not anymore. anyway, currently loving Wedding Dress by Taeyang. it's awesome. great melody, great story, great song. although i don't really like sad endings. i meant the mv of course. must listen. =)