Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

2010 finally gone. it's 2011 now. went for countdown. no wait, went to kpo. seriously, i don't recognize people and i just can't remember their names. oh and my friend's mum actually recognize me since primary school, which we've not met for at least 5 years. impressive. anyway, been hanging out and busy with the driving thing. went to iparade on thursday to hang out+use the sushi voucher+sell reference book. and tday went to iparade again for friend's ''NS farewell". lols. since she's leaving to kedah, like tmr. went to k-box and act like a siao char bor. oh and about my first 2hours driving lesson. it was pathetic. that uncle uses part of my 10hrs to fetch his other students to do this and do that. Zzz. i was fine with it actually but later, long story happened and i started very buay song. still, i have to fake it as if i don't mind at all. what a torture. anyway, i still don't have any plan so far. tat means i'm kinda free. but i feel like i got lots of things to do leh. Blah wadeva.

p/s : slow down slow down.