Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time's Up

Okay, i know it's a little bit lateeee, but Ho Ho Ho, Merry Belated Christmas !! wad? it's kawaii. hmm, anyway, went to my bro's fren's church on tat day. yea actually dun reali intend to go at the beginning but but but, since we're kinda rush to make decision, so we eventually join them. oh btw, it's St.Peter church. we went there just for the drama which turned out quite funny n interesting. well everything goes smooth except for the part we had to go for drive through mcd and eat in the car just becox we're last minute. yea, while ppl happily celebrating x'mas somewhere else, oh i dunnoe, house or outside perhaps? n i gotto rush mcd in the car. niceeee. hmm, how i wish time could stop right now, at this very moment. let me enjoy the silence of the night and embrace wad i've got now. let me solo this very moment for a little while more. i dunnoe bout others but sometimes, i think tat sleeping is a total waste of time especially now. i mean, it's already wednesday. a couple of days more it's 'back to skool' time again. not to mention bout stress but it's reali hard to make a choice when u've got no idea wad options u got. i noe tat it sounds a little out-of-reality but i'm reali in to it. for once in my life tat i could hold on something for so long. i reali reali reali reali reali reali reali reali wish tat u could stay out of my mind and stay out of my life, jz like wad u did previously. i dun wanna noe things bout u through other ppl's word. i'm exhausted. ur existance, ur attendance, ur appearance is making me sick, n i'm tired of being sick, as i am sick of it. i dun wanna pretend anymore. i dun wanna continue faking it anymore. i dun wanna get related wif u at all. i felt so disgusted, annoyed, irritated, and polluted. you hurt me with such a simple and short conversation.

p/s : STREAMYX NEVER FAILS TO FAIL ME =) *my dear, we lodging report to u monthly*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

No way

Mixpod !@#$%^&*(). i like my current skin i dunwan to chg it. it's so !@#$%^&*() not my style. u think i would chg my style jz to !@#$%^&*() u ah? u think i would chg my skin for a song jz becox u !@#$%^&*() dun allow my skin to play video. u !@#$%^&*() like !@#$%^&*(). dream on. there's no way i could do such ridiculous thing even though i'm despo. oh btw, tmr gonna be another gathering for primary classmate again at iccc 2p.m. not going though becox ......

p/s : u hurt me so much by jz a simple and short conversation.

X'mas eve

Wahlauweyyyy, it's been soooo long since i post. it's x'mas eve tday. so i bet everybody is busy celebrating with their love ones except for me tks to my beloved-dear-loving brother leaving me alone at home going out wif his frens. how "niceeee" of him. anyway, when he's gone = no more sharing wireless. muahahahahaha. haiz, suddenly felt so lonely tday. nobody pei wo. suan, i celebrate this very moment wif my gheyghey. okay, since now trend posting bout yr 2009 n blah blah blah, so i shall join it. hahaha. hmm, so many things happened this yr especially end of the yr. shall not recall wad happen which makes me feel darn it regret and disgusting at the same time. anyway, 2009 is definately not my year. aiyah wadeva lah. heck care so much. sui bian jiu okay.

p/s : see the tile big big, noe wad to do lah hor =x *present present*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding Dress

I'm kinda tired of watching dramas already. whenever i saw DVDs, i would think of what happen at the past that i wish i could erase it out of my life. people who know me would and should know that i used to be obsess with DVDs but not anymore. anyway, currently loving Wedding Dress by Taeyang. it's awesome. great melody, great story, great song. although i don't really like sad endings. i meant the mv of course. must listen. =)

Friday, November 27, 2009

R.I.P. Streamyx

Okay, so yesterday the streamyx guy came over my hse. yea after 1 week of lodging reports n complain n blah blah. so he came n ask us wad's the problem AS IF he very pro. he say their department receive the report yesterday only woh Zzz so nvm. we let him check. then he din even touch or click, jz by looking at it, he say is the modem problem. so he changed a new one which he claim it only takes 2 minute to solve the connection problem. after tat, the speed is still buay tahan. then he say is our computer problem and say got virus which actually jz got it reformat n repaired last week. then after tat, he say maybe is our portal cable's problem. i go back n check 1st ah. yea so the whole process took bout half an hr which he claims tat he will only nid 2 min to solve it. so he click click click, ended up almost ruin my wireless. after he go, we use back the wireless. n guess wad, it's connected but cant browse anything. then last nite, we call again. n guess wad? the !@#$%^&*() bitch say, if u wan to complain, complain to the CEO. i was like wth. if like tat then ask ur ceo to talk to me lah. fck her Zzz Streamyx hav got such !@#$%^&*() system n service until u cant even !@#$%^&*() describe it. using any words for it will only insult n pollute tat word itself only. one word for streamyx, F.A.I.L.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Currently addicted in SmallVille. yea out of bored. was browsing pps. finally finished season1. starting season2 now. oh gosh, total 9season of it. it's kinda weird for me to watch though. i dun reali like to watch all these heroic show eg, hmm superman, batman, spiderman, n blah blah blah. speaking bout taiwanese drama, hmm nthg much interest me. 桃花小妹 is so not gonna get me watching it. dunnoe why but i dun like to watch 王心凌 acting. she very fake lah =.='' but there's one show kinda attracts me though which is, 海派甜心. starring 杨丞琳. the storyline, well actually all the dramas were jz the same. 90% of the dramas also about triangle love. it's kinda hard to really get to watch something different.

SmallVille - 8 more season to go

海派甜心 - support rainie =p

Okay, back to my season 2 =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So, ppl ask me any plan for holiday? there's one thing pop straight out of my mind, ROTTING on my bed. wahahahahaha. so yea. recently streamyx is like !@#$%^&*() slow and i am seriously !@#$%^&*() annoyed wif it. even my wireless is better then slowmyx =.='' oh well, can't expect much from m'sia Zzz

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Wahaha it's officially holiday since i'mma not going to skool tmr. so yea, watched slumdog millionaire tday at skool. suppose to watch freak friday though. oh well. hmm, as usual, jst another boring day of skool. cant figure out if there's anything better to do at skool. haiz, my frens started working dy. n i'mma rotting at hse. siansation is back again. zzz. anyway, it's holiday, i can sleep 24/7 dy. hahaha.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I felt like i just got punk. piss off. hmm, went to parade on wed. damn dissapointed when i actually realise tat the TriAngel is not a doll, it's a statue but wif the clothing only. felt like bang into the wall instantly. oh well. i dun hav to think about tat heartbreaking statue anymore. i'mma so not going to tat shop again. hahaha. i still tot ipoh actually selling it woh. yea still in my dreamland. suddenly all the siansation is back again. zzz.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Google, Copy and Paste

Skipped skool tday. kinda lazy to go. seems to be lifeless since exam is over. oh wadeva. hmm, had started my essay this morning. it just doesn't seems right. i mean, i google, copy and paste. and tat's it. i seriously hav got nthg to write and i dun even noe wad to write. i mean it's reali nthg gud bout perak u see. ''find someone else, i'm too lazy for it'' tat's wad i've been thinking the whole day. i reali cant do it n i dunwan to do it. hmm, 2 more weeks till holiday. oh gosh, kill me. c'mon, get a gun or a knife or wadvea. do it. i wun blame u. just promise me u'll take over my work would do. anybody? oh for gudness sake, i'mma insane. suddenly felt like sleeping. yea, i shall get some sleep. hehe. i'mma bored of rubics cube. i'mma tired of doraemon. i'mma sick of dramas. i'mma getting some sleep.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

B o R i N g ..

Hmm, skool was fine tday i guess. jz a little bored out n sleepy. so after skool we took pic for the moral folio thingy at the kebun angkat. oh for gudness sake, everybody so fake =) anyway, folio mah, u write wad oso can, jz act act only. lols. oh i miss exam time, can go home earlier. now everyday oso 1.50p.m. like hell in skool, well maybe not. but it's extremely boring and waste of time. wadeva. shall spend my time sleeping, dreaming, or something something. idk where my rubics cube fly to. but it's kinda boring. solve already then mix it up then u solve again n u mix it up. this goes again n again n again to me. cant seems to find it. so i ended up sleeping the whole day. dunnoe why but i'mma so sleepy tday. slept in class n jz got up a while. i jz dun understand why muz we continue skooling when we have got nthg to do. except for the lesson teaching part. okay, stop talking bout skool. skool is boring. shh. lols. hmm, i'll figure out wad can i do in skool. i mean those d.i.y. stuff. cox u cant talk, u cant sleep, u can do nthg. so might as well do some medidation in skool instead. lols. not a bad idea actually. hahaha.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

TriAngel Love

Okay, so exam ended yesterday. went to parade after that. oh btw, my 'working' plan kinda screw up. so wadeva. oh gosh yesterday is such an obsess for me. i saw triangel at parade. it's like for gudness sake, i nvr tot tat ipoh is selling them. i was like damn tempted to buy. budden i didn't. dun reali feel syiok buying it. also, i sux in bowling. then its the rubic cube. yah the one wif colours n u make it the same. i finally solve it after 1234567890 centuries. i sacrifice my time to sleep jz to solve it okay? i wonder how my bro solve it within 1 min =.='' lols. these few days kinda sick wif chicken. why? cox there's one, alive, flying up n down, outside my hse. i feel like vomitting when i saw ppl eating chicken now. ahh. hmm, since exam ended, i'mma trying to finish up 'pearl habour' which i watch halfway. it's 3hrs =.='' b4 tat watch 'painted skin' 2hrs wanna sleep dy. then 'phantom of the opera' another 2hrs. why r all the movies such draggy. Zzz. oh well, gud show is worth every single moment =) the internet is like soooo slow n laggy. it's taking forever to load. currently listening Not Anymore - LeToya. quite nice.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mariah :)

Oh gosh, i'mma brainwashed by physics already. just flipped through it this morning. was damn sleepy. hmm, having last 2 papers for tmr. i cant wait for it to be over. suddenly in mariah mood. lols. keep listening her songs. i mean, non-stop.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just 2 more days and it's all gonna be over. oh btw, planning to get a job for holiday. will be going parade on fri after skool to see if there's any suitable vacancy. still everything is not comfirm yet, i'mma finding frens to work wif me, but all oso put my aeroplane. haiz, nvm lah, heart broken dy *ngek* i'm being lame, i'm not reali in the mood these few days. suddenly felt like we're strangers. it felt so different. actually i wanted to talk to her face 2 face, guess she's too busy for me. anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. she's too busy for me, so why should i bother ? i suddenly think of cherry. i get this from a drama. it says tat cherry sounded like cherish. it kinda reminds me to cherish ppl around me. cheeeeer up =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Quitted finally =)

Oh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, i'mma officially make up my mind and have finally decided to quit MSea. well i should have done it long time ago though. lols. anyway, having exam now. dun even ask me think about it. oh well, it's nice to have such a poor memory at times. lols. hmm, just a quick post here just to say tat i quitted MSea. wad, it's big to me okay? sigh, i think there have been mistakes surrounding me recently. yea, in terms of everything. hmm, having add maths and econs tmr. n i'm still on9-ing. aiyah, heck care about the results already. i wun be passing them even if i study. so why bother studying? i noe, it's just an excuse. at least it surpass me then enuff loh. i think i'm the only one hu on9 now becox there's bo lang on9 in my msn list. yea all my frens are N.E.R.D. =.='' actually i like exam week, get to meet my frens and go home earlier sleeping rather than staying back at skool and dreaming in the class. it's such a torture u noe? but it ain't getting better in the hall though. hmm, might going library tmr. i'm being abnormal. i noe. lols.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Crap at 4

Why does time flies so quickly? see, i've been trying to make full use of my holidays but it just doesn't seem to be enough. okay so i went to penang on tuesday *mum's b'day* and cameron highlands on wednesday. yea it's only one day trip. but it was a pleasant one day trip. to me. anyway, jiejie actually brought back ''chicken drumstick'' aka ''soar throat remedy'' for gheyghey. anyway, he's crazy for it now after much temptation i gave him. he was like being nice and close wif her when she came home. but the next day, oh-my-for-goodness-sake it is all back. the atmosphere, the barking, the ''grrrrrrrrrrrr'', the biting. oh btw, just wanna mention that i sleep at 4a.m. like almost everyday. n so i listen to ''4 in the morning - gwen stefani'' everytime the clock strikes 4a.m. lols. since jiejie is back, i get to maple again even though it's only a few days time after months of not able to login. after sending jiejie to the bus, i actually realise how fast time could pass without even noticing it. the only thing i wish for right now is time machine. oh yah, my nose is getting worse and worse. it's like gone and back, gone and back. still not going to the doc. who wants to meet doc often? i am officially fall in love wif though i hate it when i cant listen to the original cast audio. it's 4.44a.m. now, nice number.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Holiday finally started. lols. no lah, actually started yesterday. hmm, went out with michelle, karseng, louis, last week as a farewell for michelle. it's kinda fun hanging out with them since i'm the odd one = youngest one = under 18 = smug into 18PL movies "The Ugly Truth" = 1st time. that show is reali funny. it's very nice. i'm so buying dvd. pirated ones of cox. speaking of it makes me feel like watching it again. oh yah, the most funny thing is that i actually bought gheys a pink colour collar. it's just so cute isn't? I'm still considering to buy him shoes and a dress. yea dress. oh well, jsut to match with his name and he look super cute in it. too bad it cost so expensive. it's even expensive then buying my stuff lah okay? oh btw, i saw a rm8x.xx shampoo for dog. and it's a small bottle. imagine that dog could be that enjoy wad bout us human being? it's like so many ppl outside there in this world died because of wadeva reason. and a dog actually uses a rm8x.xx shampoo? for goodness sake, i know it's common but isn't a little bit over for a dog? oh and i think it's last tuesday, mrs.lee call for me for the 2nd time but i didn't reali respond to her. my frens been telling me to see her but instead i did not do anything about it. i mean, if it's reali emergency she would find me again mah + why would i get into hell when i noe it's hell? lols. it's not like i dun wan to see her, but the truth is, we've got no fate you noe? the first time she call the wrong name. it's like a huge difference between katherine and angeline right? so she's outta luck. the second time, is the day i was absent and she find me on tat day. see it's so obvious tat we have got no fate. still, we get to meet after all the merry-go-around. blame noone as my nails were long and kena caught. and the best part was, she dunnoe me. lols. i guess everybody in the class would be thinking tat i'm gonna be dead but the truth is i'm not. i dun usually mention bout skool stuff unless it is breathe-taking-earth-quak-ing-heart-shaking, well at least to me it is. hehex. oh one more thing, i actually realise tat i've got my beloved tofu princess darling (long hor?) which always there with me, my qing ai de(Ycube) which always play with me, my heartsweet aka my dimsum which update me primary stuff, my same-kind which chat with me during assembly every morning, my ex which actually pours cold water wif each other whenever we're at the main gate, and oso my pals which too many things to write and therefore i won't continue. I guess these are the memory i've got in 4 years time? actually is more then tat lah but i'm just too lazy to type it out. every year i've got different memories and they are different ppl everytime and idk why. n i love watching gheyghey acting cute and being silly as he is.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I wonder ...

Things happened unexpectedly. something unexpected. unpredictable. that i've nvr tot of in my life. it's okay. none of my concern. hmm, i started using facebook recently. i'm not reali in to it though. i just dun find it interesting. but out of bored, when i've finish my both collections, n nothing else better to do, i try to ... it. but it doesnt reali work out. felt so weird nowadays. like no mood only. cant reali ''feel''. ahh why would everything falls apart when it's not the end of the world yet? listener nids listener as well. nobody's perfect.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


The gathering last night was fine i guess. hmm, huizen, matilda and me meet each other at parade. then we walk over to MP together. It's kinda crazy of me and pey shan. lols. we took exclusive photos but i'm not gonna post it here. *arhem* LOLS. I cant really recognize all of them. almost half i think. everybody changes from time to time. huge changes i mean.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fyi o.O

There will be a 6(2)-2005 gathering.

Date : 22/8/2009 - Saturday
Time : xx.xx p.m. (night time)
Venue : MP which near by greentown.


Just an additional information, avoid going to jj shopping or lepak-ing. there's ppl in jj kena swine flu (H1N1) already. so if u dun wan to kena the virus or u prefer to spread it all over ipoh then go ahead.

Woah ..

Woah, it's been more than a month since i ever post. oh well, i summarize things happened recently. so here it goes :

~ exam ended last wed.
~ i got bite by tiny little red ants during last day of my exam tat appears from nowhere.
~ my nose .... wadeva dun talk bout it.
~ class 7 absenties during exam, 11 overall.
~ skipped school yesterday, it's saturday. wadeva.
~ mr.wong who teaches me geo n econs is xfering skool after hol. T_T
~ cant get in maple anymore. gonna miss it so much.
~ no maple = back to neopets.
~ added cbox in blog.
~ bought dvds today =)

Friday, July 10, 2009


Who do you think you are? i don't need your sympathy. go away. don't ever bother me. don't ever call again. don't act as if you're innocent. don't act as if nothing happened. everything you had done to me, i will always always always remember. if you don't mean it, then don't ask. i don't want to go to that place ever again. don't even try to ask. i feel so disgusting for being there for such a long time. i feel so disgusting whenever i thought of the moments you acting infront of me. cut it out please. i had enough already. go away and out of my sight. stop pretending. you really think that by doing all these things you could get rid of all these? the answer is no. forever it will still be the same, no. even me, myself, i felt so fake when i'm talking to you. so please, stay out of my life. do you know how insulting to say such things? whenever i talk to you, whenever i think of you, it reminds me of what kind of you people. do you know why would i changed for the past few years? it's all because of you people. i felt so cold that i thought of what you said. not the outside, but inside of my heart. that there's such people like you exist in this world. you are damn it inconsiderate. you are damn it annoying. you are damn it cruel. you are damn it heartless. you are damn it fake. you are damn it f***. no matter how hard i try to f & f, but i fail to do so. i won't regret. i don't know what you people up to. but whatever it is, stop it now.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Little ?

Just need some tiny little respect. Just need you by my side.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It Will Never Be Lucky 7

It takes minimum of 7 years. tell me, guide me, show me, lead me, what should i do? what can i do?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Queen

Current addict : My Queen

Since you've have seen this post, it is either u go and watch this show and support, or you shall buy me the dvd =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


OMG DARLING I CANT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOU !!! *SCREAM* see, i use you fav colour =p

Total Blindness

I'm officially blind. i see raddish as potato.


Last night, or maybe this morning, was reading novel then slowly i fall Zzz. but when i half asleep half blur mode, suddenly lights out. yea, that's right, 3rd time out of electricity AGAIN. i'm so feddup. i'm very sleepy but then i gotto get up and light up the candles n blah blah. hmm, it's the small small ones, you know for those very romantic geh, yah. so i have to light lots of them for the 3rd time. why? because the long ones used up already. no electricity nvm loh, but w/o air-cond for the whole night reali buay tahan. when i wan to sleep, they start to upgrade blah blah blah. when i "wake up" for school only get back the electricty. c'mon lah, if upgrade also don't bother me sleeping mah. huiyoh. but anyway, last night due to super duper tired, so i actually sleep without knowing that i actually slept. lols. at least this time is better then last 2 times. the first time i cant sleep at all, *curse the mosquito* so me and my family went to the hotel 3am in the morning=.='' then 2nd time, same old thing, we book hotel earlier this time. when going to the car, electricity back zzz. this time, used to it already. so i just lye on the sofa and play with my phone. lols. very sian de lerr. hmm, just back from ranger meeting. it's kinda s2pid today. i was like rushing up and down afraid being late. but when i went to school, not even a single soul there=.='' until i ask other ranger, only know that starts at 8.30am. Zzz. so i ended up sitting along the corridor like an idiot and doing nothing for 30 minutes. then when finish meeting, as usual, wait again. *if you know me you sure know why i'm waiting. another scene of idiot sitting on the bench waiting doing nothing. so overall, today is so not my day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Give It Up !!

I've been supporting as following event :

May fb rest in peace ? SmileeeeeeeCant you read the sign? It's a n-o "NO"It's a CRIME.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Why does time flies so fast? it's just too fast that i can barely notice their existence. looking back the past 16 years, the days since i ever pop out to this world. i'm so immature, i know. i don't know what to say, i'm just simply speechless. there are so many question marks appear. and they never leave me alone, not even once. i'm begging, i'm desperate for just one moment. the moment i could get the hell out of here, to a place where nobody know me, to a place where there's no you, to a place i could start all over again, a whole new beginning. i really do. if only i'm given a chance, i would never let it go, no matter what it takes, not to cross the line of course. never let me see you again, please. i mean it. ignoring had already become part of my life. step out of my life, and i would do the same thing as well. i really need that. don't have to try, dont have to think. it will never work. for once, you have been part of my life, and you will be forever. but for now, let's slow down and look back what we had missed.


I hate facebook. seriously. I hate school. no joke. I hate year 2007, 2008, 2009. no doubt.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Super duper hyper ultra sweeeeeeeet 16 UNCLE LIM =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy B'dayyyyyyyyyy

This post is specially dedicated to my friend for 8 years, *drum rolls,tada* LIM HUI ZEN !!
happy b'day to you. okay lah, i admit i'm not creative so i just have to copy you. but don't mind please for my broken english. hehes. hmm, 10minutes more you'll be turning 16. so how's your celebration? hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself =) wow, 8 years. we're 16 now. which means we have been friends for half of our life. lols. remember the first time we met? that's so s2pid but yet, it is how we begin our friendship as well. we have a lot of common. we used to talk about 'Charmed', then we used to compete with each other to finish homework, and also copying each other homework. lols. hmm, there's one thing i will never forget about you is ur ROBOTIC writting. the 1st time i saw your writting, they were like all the same. as if it's computer typing. i was like 'for goodness sake, how did he do that'. lols. there so many great things happen in the school with you. we would recess together everyday. i can still remember the time we tuition together. then we are to study the ejaan. we would also share our secret with each other and share out problems. lols. i really appreciate when we spend our time together. we were like crap crap crap. although we got nothing to do, nowhere to walk anymore, we could just sit down and talking non-stop. it's really fun being friend with you. i'm very glad to have a friend like you. wish you have a super duper hyper fabulous awesome sweeeeeeeet 16.

reply : 林伟鶱. 你也是我最要好的朋友.
ps : (do you know how hard to write your name? it's even harder to search for ur name! )

Friday, June 5, 2009

Such A Waste Of Time

It's friday today. hmm, why does time flies so fast without us knowing it? sian. seriously, this whole week all i that i've done is going out and waste my time. believe it a not but i go out until i got no time to watch tv. lols. that's even worse then school days. but i don't really mind wasting my time because ... life is about wasting time =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hehex. going to a book fair later which is located at YUK CHOY primary school hall ! ps : yuk choy rox =) books are up to 90% discount. lols. so jz to match wif my novel mood, i'm going to see see if anything attracts me o.O hmm, been doing nthg recently. jz craving for more of my collections. last nite suppose to go out n buy my dvd, but i was too lazy to go out so i jz hav to buy it tnite. for gudness sake, i cant believe tat my lazyness actually make me sacrifice my dvds. lols.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random ?

Ahh, it feels so good to be able to online. after suffering 4 days of not being to online because of the TMnet. been calling them everyday for day and night but they keep giving excuses. and today, finally get to talk to people over there, so as usual, bro complain n the technician came and fix it. well, life arent really that bored with the existance of collection. lols. anyway, i'm so going to buy my dvds that i have been desperate for it since last year holiday.lols. sis bought me keychains from penang. it's handmade ones. so it makes them special. to me. lols. holiday starting, but i'm occupied with my oh-so-beloved dvds. hehex. don't feel like going out. been walking at the same place looking at the same old stuff and watching those 'seafoods' walking around. lols. it's funny to look at them =) anyway, the whole week have been such a waste of time going to school. teachers is not teaching at all. and we simply do nothing in the class. i think teachers don't even bother to come in also. lols. anyway, yaya on friday, i noe i'm suppose to skip school but since the nie project is not done yet, so i actually go to school for the sake of the title. darling u muz be thinking tat i'm very selfish hor leaving all the work for u and i go ponteng =x budden, the nie project ended up the same also. which is not done. lols. eventually i go to school tat day for nothing and i simply wasted my time sleeping in the class o.O but at least i manage to borrow my friend's novel to read. surprisingly it's interesting. hehex. i didn't expect it to be tat interesting as i always see her reading novel everyday. ahh and the small tiny little novel actually make my day =) been reading it the whole day. but since i finish it so soon, and i ended up dying for more novel now. siansation.oh yah, went to library wif darling for the nie project. went to parade for sushi. lols. my very first time going out wif darling o.O i actually make her spend her RM50 note. for goodness sake, i'm getting sick of Gays. i kena my middle finger this time and it's bleeding like dunnoe wad. not tat kua zhang actually. lols. but it seriously hurts a lot !! and he's trying to act cute as if i will sayang him. but he actually quite cute lah. lols.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Why is tomorrow coming so quickly?

Maple loves

Hmm, i actually skip school tday for the sake of playing maple. lols. u all sure heard b4 apologise - republic right? yah so, watch this video. super funny. anyway, since i dun wan to download it to my laptop n i cant upload the video w/o downloading it, so copy n paste the link lah. n last but not least, i love maple =p

link :

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oscar Award?

Have you ever dream to be a movie star? Have you ever dream to get oscar award? What do you know about oscar award? Everytime we mention 'oscar award', everybody would say it is awarded for your hardwork on acting. But, it is only available in hollywood. In reality, you would often find people that is acting so fake, commonly we call those people 'so fake' or 'fakers'. People around us, wearing a mask, walking on a street, pretending anywhere, anytime. It is not surprise getting to know that someone you love, or someone you care, or someone mean to you so much, that they actually lie to you or betray you. Don't be dissapoint but be happy. Why? Because you learnt your lesson and that you know what kind of person he/she is. There's a saying that 'Love you enemy'. Why? You should grateful because they taught you a 'lesson'. It might be pain, but oh well, 'short pain is better then long pain' right? They are the one who lose, but not you. They lose a good friend like you, which they might not get in their entire life. And please don't be obsses with it. Well of course there is still someone who might understand you and someone who might appreciates you, but it will be One in a Million. So, do you still want oscar award?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Issit too late .. i guess i'm just a little too late for it ..

Count Down =(

It's the 4th day of exam tday. hmm, let me think back ..

mon = bm : early in the morning, i still tot paper 1 is objective paper =.='' luckily i go learn ppl get textpad, if not die oso dunnoe why.
tue = bi : hmm, i think i'm doing it out of topic ?
wed = moral : i dunno wad crap did i wrote
thur = tday = bio : i havent even finish flip through all the chapter o.O
fri = tml = sej : i dunno hw am i suppose to survive

sigh .. count down till 25th !! hw i wish holiday is here right now !! anyway, i doubt anybody is on9-ing nw, they r most probable busy studying ? 0.0 oh yah, speaking bout exam, u noe hw terrible it is ? becox of this s2pid useless wasting time n energy + extremely ridiculous exam .. i used up my textpad. sian. used up nvm, the coperasi not open due to exam. =.='' try imagine hw am i suppose to sit for exam w/o textpad ?! the answer is, i go rob my fren's textpad. lols. hmm, tday is sucha day. my dog gave birth to ?? pups, then in skool i actually get free coins to make a phone call, then tday got back home early but car broke down halfway =.='' so it's actually make no diff. anyway, gonna take a nap now. i noe i'm such a genius for on9-ing when everybody is complaining not enuff time to study. lols.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's sunday tday, which means it's exam tmr. n guess wad? i dunnoe which subject we having for tmr. lols. as usual, i get to noe what subject at the late night. hehex. anyway, trying to find ppl n ask now. lols. hmm, last week n this week, is like busy busy busy. last fri it was my neighbour's wedding, then this fri, it was my mum's fren wedding. then last sun, a funeral jz near my hse, then another funeral few streets away my hse. so there's 2 red n 2 white happens lah. oh hmm yah, my aunt is coming back from sg n drop by my hse at 10pm ++ like tat. i was like waiting n waiting becox they called at 9pm saying will come to my hse. so me n bro n sis wait wait wait. i was like damn it sleepy =.='' nthg much to blog though. lols. guess everybody is busy studying except me =x who still dunnoe wad subject for tmr. LOL.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Smileeeeeeeeee. bro back from ns =DDDDD

Nothing Much ..

Hmm, skipped school today. what i've done today? nothing. completely nothing. except for the part sleeping on the sofa. lols. i jsut dun see any point going to school and waste my time and waiting to get dimerit becox i'm late *as usual for the past 2 years* it's like total waste of time going to school, sitting there like an idiot, listening to the teacher talk talk talk, not allow to talk or drink or do anything, for the whole day. just tat when u're tired n u automatically look tired and the teacher assume tat's dreaming. oh homework, is another part of wasting time. ppl is like obviously copy each other work n giving more then enuff extra hwk n get dimerit for not completeing. oh yes, another part of wasting time. i think i'm being no life as day pass by =)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

xx and yy ??

Hmm, i believe everybody might wondering wad kind of person they r and wad kind of personalities, wad kind of characteristic they hav. well, i dunnoe ppl outside there but i do. all the time btw. try n ask my frens if i eva asked them this question b4. i believe they would say something like this 'got, she ask many times wan ah'. lols. n their answer is, hmm, somehow different? well of cox, i do noe when issit true n when issit fake. u see, when u ask this question, u will noe whether this person takes u as a true fren or not depending on wad they answer u. for me, i get all sorts of answer but i am lucky enuff n i'm grateful tat most of them takes me as a true fren, i think. to me, they r my true frens though idk how they think bouts me. anyway, this is wad i discover long time ago. get to discover it recently. lols. n this is how it goes. fyi, i'm aries if u dunnoe =p

Aries Women
She thinks the world is watching her through the eye glasses of rose petal frame. She thinks people think and talk about her only about good things and often disappoint to know the fact that they are not true and not even real, so she will feel hurt. She thinks her path has to be a beautiful one. She thinks only good things so she prepares and always makes arrangement for herself to be in the right path always, quite systematic indeed. If there is no guy in her life, she will be busy with herself. This seemingly ordinary woman will push herself to meet her goal. She will have quite a confusing or mixture of character.

Sometimes, she will be very careful about guy she will mingle with. She thinks as if she has a main CPU in her head and she could memorize everything from her childhood. When she faces with problems, she will handle them and solving them very well, and at the same time showing other people that she has that capability. She can put her mind in solving problems in crisis better than many other Zodiacs. Once she determines to do thing, nothing will stop her.

Woman in this Zodiac could be totally different from one woman to another woman. You could see her in the party dancing like flash dance or dirty dancing, as well you could also see her as an old fashion lady or a geek. She could be someone flashy and wanted by many men, or she could be a cold and non-social person. She will have her own way to win you over. Once she chooses you, she will need to be proud of you. "Love" is not as important to her as "Marriage". Her real goal in life is "Safety" and her position in other people sight need to be "Secure". She plans her life, and socially life easily and very carefully. She is also very artistic and realistic, so if you are a nobody or nothing, no chance because she loves ambition and a good life. She need lots of love,but do not want and do not belief in an occasional or unconventional love.

She is a proud in nature type, so if you see a woman in this Zodiac come from a poor family, she will act like a woman from a noble family by birth anyway (certainly there are always exception). She always look cool even when she is not. She like to make people see her as "secure and confident" even she is a mixed emotion and mixed character type. If she is mad, you can tell right away and she can stay moody for quite a long time.

You never have all her times, for she likes to work hard and also spent some spare times working for charity. You will see woman in this zodiac a "Volunteer" for camp, and if she is in a high society, she will most likely be a president or a V.P. of a "Club". She is a romantic and artistic, but being poor and unstable is certainly not in her dreams. Her beautiful imaginations need to be realistic, for failure is not in her plan.

A Goat always climb high, so either she start from a low point or a high point, she will make sure at the end she will have the best spot. She will not show her ambition, but she will show that she satisfy with herself now. Once you look back she already moved up again , quietly but sure.

If she is your love one, be supportive and understand her. She is stubborn, but she will listen. She will act like a gentle fragile person, but in fact she can stick you down like super glue without you knowing it.

Quite true indeed. i do hav mixture of charateristic. lols. oh yah, if u wan to noe how to determine if one is ur true fren, let me tell u something. when u ask ur fren some sort of 'wad kind of person am i' this question, n if ur fren answers u wif xx n yy, then u can continue to be frens. well but if they only answer u wif only yy, then u might wanna consider to continue this frenship. it is all depending on the situation of cox. this is my opinion. it is all from what i hav experienced. so ppl, try it if u r lost or being emo. hu noes? u might get to feel being loved or being pampered from whom u love. i mean frens lah, dun think until arhem arhem side. lols.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Listen =)

Lols. if u guys notice, i've changed my songs in my blog. hmm, it's kinda my favourite for now =x so listen to it. quite nice. to me larhx. lols.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

4 in the morning

Oh this is jz so great. i jz ruin my beloved weekend. i've done nthg tday n i'm proud of it becox this is my daily life routine. lols. wad am i crapping about. sometimes it feels so gud when u done nthg the whole day n jz wasting ur time doing nthg. lols. oh look, it's 4am now. i kinda tot of 4 in the morning - gwen stefani . lols. oh n i'm not asleep yet. lols. tried to sleep but cant. hmm, maybe i shall continue my drama? =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

kiddo ?

Is this s2pid or wad? if u've got problem wif me, if u buay song me, if u dun like me, if u hate me, if u have such great grudges towards me, then tell me face 2 face n settle. stop acting like a 3 yr old kid. u noe hu u r. i dun hav to talk much. it's kinda childish to do so did u noe tat? oh sry, is totally childish for doing such things. it ain't smart move u noe? if u reali wan to continue being a xx yr old wif a 5 yr old brain n doing things like 3 yr old, it's up to u only u noe? u think it's funny? if u're doing this again, i swear i wun jz sit down n accept wad u do n u better believe it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


U. yes u. u hurt me so much. u ruin my day. becox of u, i cant eat well. becox of u, i cant sleep well. becox of u, i cant crap well. becox of u, i cant do anything. oh how i hate u so much. oh how i despite u so much. oh how i dislike u so much. i noe u love me but i dun. go away. right now. n nvr come back to me again. it's hurts a lot u noe? pain like dunnoe what. yes, it is u, ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer ulcer. to show u my sincerity, ur name all were finger-typing. u break my heart. *showing symbol, heart broken, *ngek**

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Lols this is so lame. i wrote 4 post, wait no, the 5th post in a row. lols. seriously i got nthg better to do. it's still early now. i'm bored =p

Booyah !!

These few days, there had x2 exp reimbursement for maple. n so, as usual i train. lols. actually yesterday i dun reali wanted to train but da jie bought me x2 exp coupon. of cox i wun waste it so i train. jz nice, on tat day, there's a guildmate wedding. he's like damn despo for guildmate to go to show off our lvls. actually at first i would glad t0o attend but not after wad he said. he invites his dear into the guild. n guess wad? the 1st thing he said was 'see, our guild many pro right?' okay, i actually hated ppl hu show off. so nvm. i'm in the gud mood. didn't even bother. but the nxt thing is like terrible u noe? due to the x2 exp until 10pm, so i chiong n train. n tat guy purporsely choose 10pm SHARP to start his wedding. but b4 i say anything, disclaimer is tat 'IS NOT A MUST FOR ME TO GO N I DIDN"T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT'. so this is how it goes. i was trainning. waiting for x2 to be over. n during tat time, tat guy keep spam in guild chat to make the whole world noe. he keep complaining why no guild member go. i mean like wif his such attitute, do he reali expect ppl would go to his wedding? n oso, it's x2. do u think ppl would actually waste their x4 time jz to let u show off? NO !! so i tell him 'x2 not over yet' for more then 3 times i assume. then at the last time i said, u noe wad he said to me? 'LOVE, FASTER, PLS COME, GIVE ME FACE, PLS' i hav got no comment but wif tat phrase 'GIVE ME FACE' in caps summore, i couldn't take it anymore. n becox of replying him, i died. i was like Zzz. 'GIVE ME FACE' wad do he mean by tat? as if i purposely dun wan to go. as if i act 'gao gui' like tat. damn it pissed. nvr seen such thick face ppl. this is another version of daryl in forum. i reali buay tahan their attitude. n now, i NVR tok in guild whenever he's on9. i dun even bother to tok to him. anyway, enuff wif the complains. back to the x2. today, there's x2 again. planned to chiong wif kk but i went out wif frens. n so, i came back quite late n start trainning. oh, thank gudness luckily i manage to level today. lols. tks to kk, he helped me a lot ! hmm, tomorrow i'm going to chiong again. hopefully. lols. oh yah, grats my qing ai de, 0Shelby0 finally reached lvl200 today. grats. hehex.


Today is like so cool. this morning or i think afternoon, got a call frm huizen. went hang out tday or to say fool around tday. lols. 1st of all, he came to my hse n fetch me. then we had lunch at beacon point. wanted to order a piece of cake as to celebrate my b'day but we were too full to do so. so cancelled. we sat at tat shop for more then an hr n were like keep eating n chatting non-stop. lols. then, we actually wanted to hav lunch then sayonara. but we ended up walking to jj to get my present. tsk, u still owe me =x then, walk walk walk but nthg interest n it's the same old shoplots same old stuff. so we take taxi to ipoh parade. ahh this time, get to see TAYLOR SWIFT's album FEARLESS. lols. ppl u guys shud reali listen to her song. rox my world. intend to buy but he say there's a deluxe coming out SOON. so ended up nthg oso. n again, same old shop same old stuff. saw a cap writting 'i'm fking busy'. almost bought it but didn't. so, as we both idiots got nthg better to do, we went into bum city. n tat crazy guy went n spray on me perfume. i hate perfume. i nvr like perfume. they doesn't smell gud n i wonder y ppl still using them n buying them wif lots of $$. n so, i ended up smell like dunnoe wad. then tat crazy guy assume tat i smell like jelly fish n he called me jello. the perfume sux a lot. then, we continue walking. i was smelling terrible. i dun even dare to walk near ppl. then, tat crazy fella suggest to fool around at cold storage. n so we did. n we ended up buying beer. carlsberg btw. there's a guard hu keep staring at us as if we're going to rob tat shop. n so, we sucessfully sneak out the beer n pay for it. n tat guard doesn't even know. haha. WE ROX !! then becox of nowhere to sit at parade, we sat outside at parkson there n started drinking n taking pics like a total fool. lols. ppl were like looking at us but we din't even bother them continue our 'stuff'. we were like taking pics wif the beer n keep snap shot-ing. then, after finish the beer, we dot no where else to go but not going home yet, we went across the street which is the field n walk walk walk. tat crazy guy is drunk ! he cant even walk a str8 line. lols. it's like so funny. we walked over the field n walk 1 round, then turn back to parade n take taxi. after drinking the beer, i was like keep saying 'alcohol alcohol alcohol' we were like so in the 'alcoholic' mood. lols. we actually wanted to buy more but dunnoe where to buy nearby. so we jz walking around like an idiot n fooling around. lols. then we take taxi from parade n go home. he stop at my hse then walk to his office. lols. dun get lost ah u crazy drunk alcoholic. haha. tday is a superb day. we had so much fun spending time or to say wasting time tgether since dunnoe when. lols.

So Not In The Mood

Haiz, not in the mood. just get to know that michelle, which is my god sis, is going to kl which is tomorrow to study. i'm gonna miss u sis. do keep in touch n on9 more okay? keep me updated wif u. n oso, my bro, supposing apply holiday yesterday n be back by last night. but because of the s2pid dumb ns system, they doesn't allow him to go. so got no choice but to delay it until monday. sad. i miss him so much. yes, u guys can say tat i'm being kua zhang but i reali do miss both of them. so not in the mood.

Awesome !!

Okay, this year's birthday was awesome, to me. lols. okay this is what happens, i'm jz too lazy to write it out. will summarize it. hehex.

16th of April : got a post dedicated from huizen, reali appreciate it bro !!
: got presents in maple. loves !!

17th of April : whiteboard written big-ly n clearly by laihang wishing me, love it !!
: class sang b'day song, kinda 'fish' but tks guys !!
: got first present from oon hang, u surprised me !!
: surprised by sis, pampered by u !!
: msn written CAPS by huizen wishing me, tks !!
: spammed wif megas in maple, shocked me !!
: phone spammed with msgs, love u guys !!
: sis came back wif a surprise *not telling*, muaks !!
: mum bought me cake, mango loves !!
: surprise msg frm michelle, love u !!
: bro called back frm NS, applied holiday to celebrate wif me, pampered again !!
: take pics, blowing candle, wishing, cutting cakes sharp 12am !!

18th of April : msn off9 msg from suet eng wishing me, tks ^^

So this is how my birthday goes. loved loved loved. i love u guys. reali appreaciate them.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thanks hz ..

OMG !! this is the best day eva !! this is the best thing happened in my life !! so far larhx .. lols. reali reali reali thx hz for doing so .. reali reali touched !! i nvr noe tat u would actually write the post .. it reali reminds me of our old times .. hanging out tgether .. doing stuff tgether .. crapping tgether .. n oso LIM PEY SHAN, i'm giving u the link so u better go read .. haha ..

OMG !! another surprise in maple .. thx kk for the wonderful present u gave me .. reali shocked .. lols .. thx for everything =)

Ouch ?

Two days ago, that s2pid idiot dumb gay dog bite me, AGAIN. this time is my leg. it hurts so much that i couldn't even walk properly. it's bleeding so much. hmm, maybe he's trying to show me bleeding love ? blahs. very painful lerr. it hurt so much when i walk and even more when i wear my sandals. then last night, it begin to swallon. and so, i skipped school today. hehex. but oso because of my lazy-ness of course. Zzz. if he do that again i swear i'm gonna sell him and earn. muahahahahahaha.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Bored.

Mission 1 :

Rules : You cannot answer the questions by repeating the previous answer

State 5 facts of yourself that people know:
? i don't know if you know a not, i'm mature =x
? i'm having a 'cheerful' style *fren say geh*
? i'm lazy
? i very chuen *this is wad my fren say*
? i LOVE drama

State 5 facts of yourself that people don't know:
? i hate it when ppl trying so hard to be funny while i'm serious-ing
? i'm not reali tat serious wif my things
? i cant socialize well
? i love reading doraemon
? i needs a shoulder at times

State 5 bad things about yourself:
? lazy
? bad temper
? easily buay song
? got no patient
? having long finger nails o.O

State 5 good things about yourself:
? u noe wad
? i
? got
? none
? lols

Mission 2:

1) Do you think you're hot ?
hmm, u think lerr ?

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.
if wan see me then come find me lahh, huiyoh ..

3) Why do you like that picture ?
as i mentioned abv, u wan then to see me come find me =)

4) When was the last time you ate pizza ?
just now, left over of yesterday =.=

5) The last song you listen to ?
what goes around comes around - justin timberlake

6) What do you do right now besides this ?

7) What name do you prefer besides yours ?
u got problem wif my name?

People to tag : think all of them done this thingy =x

Mission 3:


No:1 ♥
1. 你的绰号: angel, angie, pupnapper, etc etc

2. 年龄:16 to be

3. 生日: 17.4.1993

4. 星座: aries

5. 兴趣: dreaming

6. 专长: if only sleeping counted as one =p

No。2 ♥

1. 你有没有喜欢的人: some privacy pls =)

2. 是否有交往: ar ar hem ..

3. 现在幸福吗: no .. if i am i wun be doing this out of boredom .. LOL

4. 如果上天给你勇气,最想做什么事: i would like to ask God if i can have some wish as well

5. 如果有天,你爱的人跟你表白的话: u noe wad? this freaking question takes me 5 min but i havent get to answer it =.=

No。3 ♥

1. 点你的人是: darling lohh

2. 他(她)是你的: MY darling lahh .. =p

3. 他(她)的个性: blur + cute + mature yet childish

4. 认识他(她)多久: last year. she's jz sitting behind me .. lols

5. 你觉得他(她)怎样: she ahh .. undescri-able .. haha

6. 你想对他(她)说什么: darling i lub u

No。4 ♥

1. 最爱的节目: i watch shuang then okay loh

2. 最爱的音乐: i listen shuang then okay lahh

3. 最爱的季节: Winterrrrrrrrr i love snow n i lvoe cold

4. 最爱的卡通: do not laugh but i actually like spongebob, i hated it at 1st i watch it though

5. 最爱的人: u love me then i love u lohh

6. 最爱的颜色: any as long as it's not sharp eg : green n yellow =)

7. 最爱的国家 : some place tat got snow

8. 最爱的天气: RAIN !!

No。5 ♥

1. 如果上天给你三个愿望: 1st, i wish everybody around me + me is happy, 2nd is lucky, 3rd is to get another 3 wish =p

2. 你是很专一的人吗: can say so

3. 最深刻的记忆: sadly none so far

4. 你是个很有信心的人吗: u say lerrrr?

5. 你很爱微笑吗: only to me frens n love ones

6. 如果你要放弃你现在的生活,你愿意吗: oh yes !! oh no !! maybe, maybe not !!

7. 妄想什么样的生活: life w/o confusion *i got white hair lerr larhx*

8. 是否横刀夺爱才是爱: i hate it .. why would i agree wif it?

调卷到此结束,‘点人者请至于被点者的留言版’告知被点名了。点名名单: bo lang

i'm simply toooo bored to do this old tag by my darling =p
Hmm, just finish checking my horoscope today. it's says that i have got a 4/5 star today for my mood. am i happy today? lols. doesn't really sound like true right? oh great, i done zero homework. ahh, so many things to do recently. everyweek also gotto stay back for activities. actually i find it quite silly for staying back just for the sake of attendance. we should actually join the club that REALLY interest us right? but no, it's a MUST for everybody to join the clubs. and this why people is force to stay back and waste our time when the teachers always teach us not to waste time. life seems to be boring with the existance of school. because you know why? teacher already plan our school holiday which is the december ones, giving us asignments. oh this is just so great. sian-ed. anyway, i'm suppose to pass up almost every homework today. but i didn't pass up even a single one. blahs.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Okay, so you say i COULDN"T BE BOTHERED, so you say i GOT NO DISCIPLINE at all. seriously, just because of a small things like that you can actually scold me like a mad dog. then, in the morning, you scolded me in front of everybody in the public. what is this? what do you want from me? what do you expect from me? you said i changed a lot. what about you? everybody change. things changes from time to time. just depends on how you look at it only. do you actually thinks that i want things to happen like this? Do you actually thinks that i does that on purpose? Do you? Oh please, don't put your words on me. I won't accept it. I hate it.

So Not In The Mood

Okay first of all, i did not do any of my homeworkS until now. yea i noe, pathetic isn't ? i just dun hav tat kinda mood to do it. nothing motivates me. not even the mid year exam. how? rot at house for the whole day. i noe i got many things to do. *i'm hav a busy schedule u noe?* budden i dun hav the mood to do so mah. hmm, maybe will start it later after cleaning the poop n the pees by my s2pid idot dumb gay dog. for once juz let me have a day off to do wadeva things i wan without feeling guilty for not doing my homework n letting my Gays emo alone at the corner. he folo me wherever i go then jz sleep at a corner. lols. how cute !! yah but not when he pee n poop =.='' anyway, i'm bored now. as u can see i'm blogging out of boredom, writing all sorts of craps here. nthg seems to interest me much. life is boring. yaiks ! hmm, can anybody send me some songs? i've been listening to the same song again n again. kinda bored wif them. listen to their voice oso buay tahan dy. tday is sunday. as usual, going to K.K. to send my bro back to NS camp, again. i love going long journey, stay in the car n waste my time. oh how i jz love wasting my time doing nthg. well tat's wad i does everyday mah. hehex. muahahahaha, i jz notice tat tml is 13th of april. it means sushi promotion is here ^^ every plate oso RM2 only. wakakakakakaka. this is so goooooood. i'm feeling so gooooooood. blahs. i think my phone going ki siao soon. i charge it then 5 minutes it shows me low battery. sian-ed. any kind soul want to buy me a new handphone? haha. oh my tian, felt so sian suddenly. tml got skool.AGAIN. the only gud thing going to skool is to meet my frens. other things is absolutely not in my concern. i'm ready to get dimerit tml. havent done my sejarah notes yet. nvm. like i care. okay, i do care. maybe jz a little.

Yesterday i managed to level my character after centuries. thx for buying me x2 exp card and trainning wif me. hehex. finally i get to level 153. still, i wun be giving up leveling yet. i will continue trainning until 160. at least must 2 hit k.o. for skele. aiyah, talk only. wun be able to reach. now level is freaking hard dy. keep train i oso sian. lols. and oso, yesterday is like so not my day. msea is suppose to have x2 yesterday. and so, i'm suppose to have x4. but due to AS terrible system, they postpone it. =.='' oh great, me n his sis would have level like more then 120 n 153. anyway, GRATS YING FOR ADVANCING 4TH JOB !! hehex. sry for not able to help u manon n griffey last night =x hmm, maybe i'll consider to chiong a bm as well. i find it very fun to play bm. actually i wanted to play bm long time ago. but since it needs to wash hp, so i kinda give up hope. but now, nvm larhx. i dun think i'll wash hp. i'll jz level it n play play. as in for dukus n other mobs. wun be going bossing. so i guess i'll be trainning one? i choose bm becox nl is far more exp to play then bm. cox nl nids star to play. so i'll play bm instead. keke. n n n, i'm curently in the mood of scrolling hp eq. hehex. i dunnoe i shud buy the scrolled eqs or scroll myself. there's jz too much. maybe i'll see if there's cheap ones then i buy. mean while, i shud jz farm mesos n buy cash. hehex. my hat expired dy. muz farm n buy cash. hehex. i buay tahan my look now. lols.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

yesterday was just another normal, peaceful, dull n boring day. lols. went out and had dinner with aunt Sally at 'man chung' the branch at pasir puteh. okok larhx the dishes but he price like zzz. 4 people eat can up to RM2xx. nice right? exp like dunnoe what. okay .. i'm being abnormal today. i actually woke up at 6am. yaya i noe, today i suppose to wake up at 6am, but i skip skool marhx. so i shud enjoy my sleeping on my nice warm bed !! everytime oso like tat geh. i wan to sleep, auto will wake up early in the morning. then when i dun wan to sleep, world war happening in my room i oso cant wake up. wad is this. i dun care. i muz muz muz do my homework today. is actually copy though. lols. i borrow every single book tat i can copy from my darling, tillu, yian kay, n hu ah? i 4got jor. dun blame me. i got short term memory wan ah. lols. haiyah, really dun understand wad those teacher thinking. they think we got only their one n only subject. so when every subject oso got at least ONE homework, it will become 10 homeworkS. n guess wad, i dragged my homeworkS since january ^^ i'm gud at it. dun learn. haha.

yesterday is a total disaster. well not exactly. i wanted to chiong yesterday but due to my oh-so-beloved brother insists wants to play his dota, so i got no choice but to slack during x2 day! i have been waiting for this day to come since monday u noe? and so, i ended up ... . my fren asked me to spam for her at skele. but i go where spam w/o hb is a 100% k.o. to me de. i'm noob i noe. and so, as usual, i died at newtie there. sian-ed. i played the whole day, managed to go up 85%, then now, it went down just in 5 min. my 5 hours of mapling effort just gone like this. ahh. nvm lah, it's not a big news already for me to die. hehes. and oso, he bought me pet eq n i suppose to train his sis. but due to some problem, we gotto cancel our plan. and so, waiting for tday's trainning. wonder how it goes. lols. n i dun care wad it is, i'm so gonna level my char tday. i stucked for dunno how long dy. i think since dec? yah. lols.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just as you people know, tomorrow is a skool holiday, but it's a lameeeee holiday cox there's replacement on saturday AND AND AND i'm not going to skool on sat ^^ muahahaha .. aiyah as in i'm skipping skool lah .. lols .. anyway, i'm not purposely skip wan loh .. i got no transport, so force to skip loh, and i love doing it too .. kekes .. haiyah, but oso cant relax much wan larhx .. tones of homewokrd waiting for me .. actually every subject oso got loh .. bahasa melayu, english, physics, biology, chemistry, additional mathematic, modern mathematic, civik, 'morale - my darling say got E woh in english', and also economics .. sigh .. seeee lah, i'm not reali tat relax as u people see me .. hehex .. of course msot of them oso i drag n drag since january =p well, tat's me .. so dun complain .. muahahahahaha ..

Oh yes !! just get to noe tat MSea is having x2 exp for the next three days starting from tomorrow .. but the timing is kinda lame lerr honestly .. 1 hr x2 1hr break 1hr x2 1hr break .. 1 shot give all better =p hehex .. but still .. glad to noe there's x2 exp event becox i tot of chionging my char's lvl tml .. keke ..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

jz got back from skool. all wet! rainning tday. oh how i love rain. lols. it's been so long since i got wet becox of rain. oh, i miss u so much lahh. hehes. i'm feeling damn pissed now. why? because i sucessfully change the damn layout but i cant link the damn url. damn it. when i tried to change the links, everything goes wrong. ahh. oh btw, i actually managed to pass up my econs notes tday. lols. miracle right? hehes. then my darling packed food for me because i gotto stay back in the class to rush the notes. lols lah. anyway, yesterday and tday, datin mungit n mrs.less keep reminding us by telling us tat there will be NO plastic bags. budden tday i still saw people using them. o.o nice right? haha. oh yah, do u people actually noe how important $$ is? w/o $$ u would be died of hunger. wif $$, u wun hav to work like hell. w/o $$ u cant get wad u wan. wif $$, u wun hav to finacial probs. wif $$, there's crime. w/o $$, world peace. and so, conclusion, $$ = no gud. so give me them to me =D hmm, tml might having sejarah presentation, n as usual = i'm not prepared n not panic. lols. currently having a relax mood. blahs. so many homeworkS to do. all oso not finish of course. siansation is here again. siannn lahhh.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ahh, felt so useless today lohh. I have achieve nothing yet in my whole life. I've made zero contribution to my family, friends, and the most of all, myself. Yaiks! Life without drama really sux a lot. Life seems to be meaningless without entertainment. Ohh my goodness. I'm suppose to pass up physics and economic note tomorrow but i'm still blogging, online-ing right here, right now. I'm such a genius, i know. Leaving my 2 babs not done econ notes, tones of homeworks at the corner there, felt a bittt pity to them =x Lols. Went to k.h. club meeting today again. And once again, another sashimi food. Last week is sashimi nasi ulam, today is sashimi salad pasta. All the ingredients is raw !! You know ? Uncook ? Not cook ? Spending my time there cut cut cut, shop chop chop, mix mix mix, wash wash wash, and then sayonara. Blahs. I'm crapping here. Why? Because i don't want to do homework lah. Duhh. Hmm, maybe tomorrow will just tell teacher i never complete it. If wan dimerit then go ahead. I don't care anymore. I don't want my teenage life to be ruined by all this so call 'for your own good' rules and homework and school and etc lahh. I WANT TO GO POPULAR AND BUY BOOK THEN STUDY !! Can you actually believe what i jsut said just now ? Aiyah that one suppose to have done since ages ago. But, oh well, this is me. Me = my style = drag = delay, ended up done nothing. Yaya i know i'm lazy and kinda draggy but this is really me what. YOU can do NOTHING bout it. Hehee. Anyway, got to go watch tv dy. Lols. OMGosh, i miss maple soooo much !! I miss people over there. There's so many updates but i didn't get to play. Sianed. Having a SIANSATION now. Oh look, when i was about to watch tv and do my things, my darlings actually come and find me chat after waiting people to online for dunnoe how long. Siannnn. See lah, wad day issit ? Blahsssssssss !! Crap lahh ..

Friday, March 27, 2009

I hav been trying to change that s2pid blog layout for hours but i got no idea why blogspot just dun let me change it .. keep showing me error error error .. I tried to use my current other blog layout by copy paste but it actually gives me error too. I was like wth .. This blog can sue other cant ? Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood lah.. And also, i skipped school today again .. Lols .. But not on purpose of course .. I already get everything prepared walking to the car then my s2pid dumb gay dog ran out AGAIN and so, i gotto chase it. Sian-ed. This is the 4th time i think. So i gotto chase it and ended up got myself late to school. And so, as ussual, late = absent, this is my theory lah .. Dun copy and dun ask why =) Hehex. Been doing the patch thingy for MSea but i failed. Got pissed off because i download it for hours and ended up errors again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this sux ! Anyway, i actually finished 'Miss No Good' and in case u guys dunnoe wad's tat, it's a taiwanese drama 2008. Last year i watched halfway then stopped already. It's a nice drama though. Hehex .. Oh yah, going to visit my bro on sunday at K.Kangsar because of tat s2pid-idiotic-troublesome-useless-wasting-time-so-called-very-good-for-discipline NS camp. For goodness sake .. He's been there for a week only and he got stole 3 colgate, $$, and also etc. And so, people, plssss avoid NS if u dun wan to get ur locker break down and got things stolen. Lols.. 'Boys Over Flower' roxxx !! Fyi, it's a korean drama. There's 4 version of it, mainland, taiwan, japan, and korea. It rox lah !! Monday is having kh club meeting. Saying that we r making nasi ulam worh .. Oso nvr heard b4 .. The ingredients oso the same thing, nvr heard b4 .. Lols.. Hmm, i think i'll jz continue figure out my MSea *sobs*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay, this is my official blog. Lols. It won't be updating though. Hehex.