Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop Wadeva U're Thinking Right Now

Alright. i know there's been some talkings about me, behind my back. but, there r all not true. so dun believe any of them. not gonna write out wad happened, but if u wan to noe, u ask me, not other ppl. i noe i'm making those black faces but, tat shows how 'concern' r u to come n ask me right? hahaha. this is jz to avoid any misinfo. well, mouth to mouth, ear to ear, it is not accurate everytime. but dun expect much details from me. i'm not like 'fruitcake' telling people whenever wherever whoever, and the above all, the wrong info. i dun wish to make things big but, fruitcake is doing tat b4 i do. jz becox tat i have not taken any action YET doesn't mean tat i'm afraid or i have no pride or dignity according to fruitcake's fren. i am not avoiding. if u ppl eva have such organ which is brain, try to function it a little. do u reali think tat the RIGHT ones will and r avoiding the WRONG ones? if u do, there's only 2 possibilities n tat is, u're a complete idiotic, fool, dumb, physcho, maniac, freak, retarded, oh n maybe hmm s2pid? the other possibility is tat u're so innocent, in other word brainless tat u actually think tat way. many ppl've been telling me tat it is impossible to get wad they deserve due to some bias issues on-going but i'm not gonna jz let it off cowardly. u may think tat it's a small thing, but being insulted, oh n jz to make things clear, i did not get scolded. it's an insult and harassment. it unforgivable. u ask me to have a big heart and to forgive and forget? oh, tat's not gonna happen. tiny is completely rude, mental problem, irrational, judges a book wif it's cover, ego, self-centered, being too proud of tinyself *as if, n pls, do not make me puke on u by making me look down on u even more if u ever had selfpride n dignity* if only u knew wad is self control, if only u noe wad is proof and prove, if only u knew wad is manners, if only u knew wad is right and wad is wrong, if only u knew wad is humble, but it ain't gonna happen, becox if u surprisingly knew wad r those, if only u shockingly practice them, headlines tmr : "WORLD PEACE" n tat means, impossible. u call urself mature? grow up kid, stop being foolishly living in ur own world n start waking up n learn the cruelty of the reality. the truth is always cruel and mean to me. i noe, u ppl always refers this to me as well. but, i believe karma and retribution, it's jz a matter of time. i shall see wad's gonna happen next. if it's not settled tmr morning, let's start wad shud had started. yea yea, go ahead. find all the ppl u wan to. i'm fine wif it. u're wrong n i'm right. n tat's wad it matters.

p/s : i have already given u faces by calling u 'fruitcake'. in fact, i think it is an insult to the name itself and u better not pollute the name wif ur filthy dirty GGooG. n u noe wad, i felt so disgusting and dirty to have the same but so not same endings wif u.