Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Queen

Current addict : My Queen

Since you've have seen this post, it is either u go and watch this show and support, or you shall buy me the dvd =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


OMG DARLING I CANT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOU !!! *SCREAM* see, i use you fav colour =p

Total Blindness

I'm officially blind. i see raddish as potato.


Last night, or maybe this morning, was reading novel then slowly i fall Zzz. but when i half asleep half blur mode, suddenly lights out. yea, that's right, 3rd time out of electricity AGAIN. i'm so feddup. i'm very sleepy but then i gotto get up and light up the candles n blah blah. hmm, it's the small small ones, you know for those very romantic geh, yah. so i have to light lots of them for the 3rd time. why? because the long ones used up already. no electricity nvm loh, but w/o air-cond for the whole night reali buay tahan. when i wan to sleep, they start to upgrade blah blah blah. when i "wake up" for school only get back the electricty. c'mon lah, if upgrade also don't bother me sleeping mah. huiyoh. but anyway, last night due to super duper tired, so i actually sleep without knowing that i actually slept. lols. at least this time is better then last 2 times. the first time i cant sleep at all, *curse the mosquito* so me and my family went to the hotel 3am in the morning=.='' then 2nd time, same old thing, we book hotel earlier this time. when going to the car, electricity back zzz. this time, used to it already. so i just lye on the sofa and play with my phone. lols. very sian de lerr. hmm, just back from ranger meeting. it's kinda s2pid today. i was like rushing up and down afraid being late. but when i went to school, not even a single soul there=.='' until i ask other ranger, only know that starts at 8.30am. Zzz. so i ended up sitting along the corridor like an idiot and doing nothing for 30 minutes. then when finish meeting, as usual, wait again. *if you know me you sure know why i'm waiting. another scene of idiot sitting on the bench waiting doing nothing. so overall, today is so not my day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Give It Up !!

I've been supporting as following event :

May fb rest in peace ? SmileeeeeeeCant you read the sign? It's a n-o "NO"It's a CRIME.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Why does time flies so fast? it's just too fast that i can barely notice their existence. looking back the past 16 years, the days since i ever pop out to this world. i'm so immature, i know. i don't know what to say, i'm just simply speechless. there are so many question marks appear. and they never leave me alone, not even once. i'm begging, i'm desperate for just one moment. the moment i could get the hell out of here, to a place where nobody know me, to a place where there's no you, to a place i could start all over again, a whole new beginning. i really do. if only i'm given a chance, i would never let it go, no matter what it takes, not to cross the line of course. never let me see you again, please. i mean it. ignoring had already become part of my life. step out of my life, and i would do the same thing as well. i really need that. don't have to try, dont have to think. it will never work. for once, you have been part of my life, and you will be forever. but for now, let's slow down and look back what we had missed.


I hate facebook. seriously. I hate school. no joke. I hate year 2007, 2008, 2009. no doubt.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Super duper hyper ultra sweeeeeeeet 16 UNCLE LIM =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy B'dayyyyyyyyyy

This post is specially dedicated to my friend for 8 years, *drum rolls,tada* LIM HUI ZEN !!
happy b'day to you. okay lah, i admit i'm not creative so i just have to copy you. but don't mind please for my broken english. hehes. hmm, 10minutes more you'll be turning 16. so how's your celebration? hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself =) wow, 8 years. we're 16 now. which means we have been friends for half of our life. lols. remember the first time we met? that's so s2pid but yet, it is how we begin our friendship as well. we have a lot of common. we used to talk about 'Charmed', then we used to compete with each other to finish homework, and also copying each other homework. lols. hmm, there's one thing i will never forget about you is ur ROBOTIC writting. the 1st time i saw your writting, they were like all the same. as if it's computer typing. i was like 'for goodness sake, how did he do that'. lols. there so many great things happen in the school with you. we would recess together everyday. i can still remember the time we tuition together. then we are to study the ejaan. we would also share our secret with each other and share out problems. lols. i really appreciate when we spend our time together. we were like crap crap crap. although we got nothing to do, nowhere to walk anymore, we could just sit down and talking non-stop. it's really fun being friend with you. i'm very glad to have a friend like you. wish you have a super duper hyper fabulous awesome sweeeeeeeet 16.

reply : 林伟鶱. 你也是我最要好的朋友.
ps : (do you know how hard to write your name? it's even harder to search for ur name! )

Friday, June 5, 2009

Such A Waste Of Time

It's friday today. hmm, why does time flies so fast without us knowing it? sian. seriously, this whole week all i that i've done is going out and waste my time. believe it a not but i go out until i got no time to watch tv. lols. that's even worse then school days. but i don't really mind wasting my time because ... life is about wasting time =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hehex. going to a book fair later which is located at YUK CHOY primary school hall ! ps : yuk choy rox =) books are up to 90% discount. lols. so jz to match wif my novel mood, i'm going to see see if anything attracts me o.O hmm, been doing nthg recently. jz craving for more of my collections. last nite suppose to go out n buy my dvd, but i was too lazy to go out so i jz hav to buy it tnite. for gudness sake, i cant believe tat my lazyness actually make me sacrifice my dvds. lols.