Monday, May 31, 2010

No More Drama

It's exam week. since 2 weeks ago actually. lols. 3 more days to go. ahhhhh. anyway, i'd just finished reading through my old blog. back to 2 yrs ago, it's june. i was complanning about doing seni + geography folio and stuff. Then, last year, i was talking about having fun with friends hanging out. hmm, how do i feel? i feel so childish for actually believing there's such thing called "BFF" exist. anybody who actually know me, or maybe TRIED to know me, would know that i don't trust people easily. well actually it really depends though. if i feel that u're the right person for me to share secret, i'll share it. with certain limit of course. felt so STRESS today. rare enough to see this word appear in my blog?(shush pls, dun hav to remind me tat i dun bother about anything) not any other day, but today. surf the web just now. it makes me feel like a pathetic-desperato-loser(and again, i know, dun tell me, again). have u come acrossed a conversation that totally spoilt ur mood of the day? well, i just experienced it. it seriously-no-joking spoilt my mood. recently keep getting late to school. well, almost. just that one minute would change my day at school. close enough huh? Things could change in just one minute, what's more in a few days? well, let me see. uhm, i lost a -used-to-be-close-friend, i lost my pride, and the utmost is, i lost myself. it's really convincing tat i screwed my life. no doubt for tat actually. i don't wanna sound despo but, with all these happening recently, i gotto say, goodnight! xD might taking undang june holiday. currently threatening ppl to go wif me. ahahaha.

p/s : thank me for letting u knowing me better. *evil laughing*

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Win Win Win

Wth. suddenly feel tat everyone around me are so hardworking. all chiong study already for spm. n it's only me. yes, me who have not started any revision yet. n i mean, not at all. okay. i have decided to ignore her forever and evermore. to think back, like now, i felt so s2pid and regret for depending on her and relying her. gosh. i mean, look at her. wait, i'm not trying to gossip her instead, i'm just telling the facts okay? i noe i'm nowhere better then her. but c'mon. it's like so obvious. okay, maybe she's better then me. BUT let's not make things ugly, yea? {give some face larh, it's my blog!} last word, I WILL BE ACHIEVE BETTER THEN HER ! i'm so gonna work on my determination. no more half-bucket-water. no more delays. no more last minute work. no more talking, only actions. if u ppl happen to see me online, n if u ppl so happen to love me, tell me to offline. gosh i'm piss off. win win win. i must win her. n i will. retard.

p/s : i buay song u. i despite u. i HATEEEE u.