Monday, February 8, 2010


Hmm, went out wif my pal on sat after skool. well, we suppose to go by cab but after numerous attempts of calling and hrs of waiting, we decided to walk over although none of us noe the way much. anyway, we still go for it and we took extra 5 minutes to reach there compared to those hmm, regulars? lols. anyway, we're going out again on wed. it's the only day tat is convenient for her becox she hav to wait for me as my class finish later then her other days. ahahahahaha. yea yea, i noe i noe. everybody is like in the CNY mood except for me. i jz hope tat it comes faster for the sake of the holiday. give me a break! u wanna noe something? becox i'm telling u something. lols. yea it's kinda funny as u see, i was like skipping skool very often last year n tat i dun reali hate skool tat much. n now, i'm hating the skool so much n yet, i'm attending classes every single day. gudness. if it wasn't for tat damn it cert, i am certainly skipping skool like there's no tmr. is not like i hate the skool, is tat when ppl r showing faces to u, yelling at u, showing attitudes to u, shouting at u, accusing u, i dun think any single soul would actually L.O.V.E. going to skool anymore?oh n also the lecturing, nagging, demanding. i often find our skool demerit system r kinda retarded. they keep on telling u to do this do tat or i'll demerit u. they thought tat it actually works on everybody but they didn't noe tat it jz doesn't n nvr will work on certain ppl. yes they always say tat they r glad n r willing to accept students comments but i doubt tat they actually bother bout it? hmm, maybe the furthest they would do is to critic bout the comments given during the extremely-waste-of-time n bored-to-death assembly? yea this is how they work things out. anyway, shall not continue my whinning here or they would say tat i'm trying to spoil the skool reputation. lols. okay, i'mma going to slp. din reali hav tat kind of U.S. time to rest although i did nthg at all. oh btw, did i mentioned bout this? i dun think so. yea, my camera cable is missing. aiks.

p/s : i'm reali glad tat u're here wif me although it's only for a short while n i'll appreciate, cherish it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Haiz, tday such a mess doing the s2pid chemistry peka experiment. i repeat oso get roller coster reading. gud lah. treat me like this. wtshyt. anyway, i chged the reading n randomize it. lols. it's not accurate though. hehes. oh gudness shyt, another 2 hectic weeks till CNY break. sian daooo. yes, i'm counting down every single day. i'm despo. wadeva. so fast feb already. although i still think tat it's too slow until cny break ! haiyah, say jiu say is B.R.E.A.K. but cfm teacher stack us wif hwks = no diff = doesn't concern me much. wahahaha.

Dun try to challenge my patience. dun push it. dun even try to dare me. i'm telling u. everyone has their own limits n my limits are bias to negative. i'm saying this becox u jz simply cross T.H.E. line. it's jz a simple theory tat i am very sure even a kindergarden kiddo can understand it. so why can't u? pls lah, why muz u make things so major complicating when it's jz a minor ignorant stuff? a little light bulb on ur head would be very much useful now.

p/s : i'm not feeling it.