Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ya-ba-ya-ba-doo. uh huh, spm officially over. i guess it's a little wugui for me to say this right now. hmm, merry belated christmas? anyway, had returned my textbooks to the school. last day also want to charge me 50cent for not wrapping the moral book. heck care much. u wun hav 2nd chance to charge me anyway. ahahaha. speaking of it, i'm currently packing up the books for novelhut tmr since i'm going to parade. but come to think of it, i feel so silly to rush for tmr when i can just take my time and do it until saturday. ohmygoodness. oh wait, i'm feeling a leaving school thoughts. i seriously think that buying exercise books are waste of $$. i find many of them also sketch a few pages and that's it, viola, the end. *fine, i know i don't do my homeworkS* but i really feel pitty to the trees loh. all going be recycled. *I CAN FINALLY RECYCLE ALL THE NOTES AND BOOKS!* actually it's not really that exciting though, just being exagerate. yesh! more space for doraemon collection. oh btw, had passed my undang. it was ...... boring. the whole process 99% contains waiting. fortunately i brought my doraemon along. so while people were sleeping / text-ing / sleeping / day-dreaming, i was reading doraemon. hah! almost forgot to mention, i met my primary school friends on that day too. oh yea, don't really have any plan on mind currently for my holiday. should be random i guess. everything seems bored. one more thing. mum+jiejie+me+45minutes+guardian = few hundred bucks fly. up till today, i still can't believe it. 18 more stickers to go for the plushie. anyone collecting guardian's disney plushie sticker thingy? spare me =D oh yea, went for sushi with jiejie recently. back home and saw the RM10 sushi voucher. Zzz. oh well, i'm sensing another sushi meal, real soon. blahahaha. my neighbour is boom boom boom-ing. again. aren't they sick of it? hmm, can't think of anything to update already. back to tidy up the books for sale. i just got a call that my L is done, like 5 minutes ago.

p/s : farewell to be remembered.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Slightly Catch Up

Ahhh i felt so relieved. well, not because of spm though. hmm, few months ago, i kinda uploaded a picture using imageshack. then i kinda forgotten about it until now. so i was browsing it and found out that it's missing. after googling here and there, it's all because that i didn't register for an account. i nvr knew tat it would go missing. so yea, i was so shocked that i went all mad to try to retrieve that picture knowing tat it's gonna take miracle to get it back though. and so, when i was about to give up, i bet my last hope to my camera hoping that i did not delete it. voila! i didn't. it's saveD and sound just right there. hahaha. thank God. as i'm posting about this silly-of-me incident, some similar memories kinda flash back in my head. i remember the time i left my bracelet on the sofa but i thought i lost it in my room and i went mad searching for it as well. soon i found it after looking up and down in any possible places tat i could think of *yes, i missed the sofa =.=''* oh well. actually, i've been looking forward to print out some photos and get the frame up. you know, just to touch up a lil on the empty wall. oh and to update the photo album like since, hmm few years ago? anyway, about the spm, hmm, it was usual. i'mma having one last paper, econs on 20th of dec. but it doesn't really bother me. oh yea, one more thing, i feel like dedicating a post to someone. yea i know, that person probably will not be reading it and not knowing about it, but i'm kinda having those ''emotional'' moment, in a good way. chaos =)

p/s : i'm not selected for NS. is that yay or nah?..