Sunday, August 23, 2009


The gathering last night was fine i guess. hmm, huizen, matilda and me meet each other at parade. then we walk over to MP together. It's kinda crazy of me and pey shan. lols. we took exclusive photos but i'm not gonna post it here. *arhem* LOLS. I cant really recognize all of them. almost half i think. everybody changes from time to time. huge changes i mean.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fyi o.O

There will be a 6(2)-2005 gathering.

Date : 22/8/2009 - Saturday
Time : xx.xx p.m. (night time)
Venue : MP which near by greentown.


Just an additional information, avoid going to jj shopping or lepak-ing. there's ppl in jj kena swine flu (H1N1) already. so if u dun wan to kena the virus or u prefer to spread it all over ipoh then go ahead.

Woah ..

Woah, it's been more than a month since i ever post. oh well, i summarize things happened recently. so here it goes :

~ exam ended last wed.
~ i got bite by tiny little red ants during last day of my exam tat appears from nowhere.
~ my nose .... wadeva dun talk bout it.
~ class 7 absenties during exam, 11 overall.
~ skipped school yesterday, it's saturday. wadeva.
~ mr.wong who teaches me geo n econs is xfering skool after hol. T_T
~ cant get in maple anymore. gonna miss it so much.
~ no maple = back to neopets.
~ added cbox in blog.
~ bought dvds today =)