Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ina - I Wanted You

I'm feeling so down. i'm feeling so low. to slow down and look back, or to go ahead and no turning back? tell me, i'm desperate.

p/s : i wanted to but i can't.

Oh pls, you're not doing anything but pushing everything to me even your own personal stuff, and yet, you're complaining saying that i'm outta my mind? c'mon, you did nothing at all still, i tolerate them. then, you kept me waiting and ignore me. i'm doing my best to do it already. i have my own work to be done as well. you are certainly not the only one who's occupied. i've had enough of you already.

p/s : it's meant to be solo instead of two.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mini Holiday

OMGudness, it's B.T.S. time *it means Back.To.School. time* lols. why must time past so quickly? had a lifeless yet a great holiday. not exactly larh but at least it's better then schooling days. so wad had i done during holidays? hmm, going for movies continuosly, seriously almost all the movies i finished them already, including 18pl+ de. i tell u ppl, dun even watch DayBreaker. it's super heart attacking. u won't able to breathe properly when u're watching. well, at least for me it is. oh yea, alice in the wonderland. i was actually expecting something better then tat. the poster like so interesting n nice to watch but the movie Zzz. to me only. oh yah, there's one show, i tot it was eng movie, but it was actually canto. the title like so interesting, but the show ended up comedy type de. it's 'just another pandora box' btw.i got attracted by the 'pandora box' nias. lols. hmm, was not really pleasent going cinema watch actually. there's guys sitting beside me crossing his legs up, then the guy behind me burp, then all those ringing tones. oh my gudness. polluting my mood. wahahahahaha. oh yes, i haven't got my hair cut yet. lols. if i do things according to the schedule, then it's not me already right? blahahaha. ahh yes, i jz remember the existance of my homework just now tidying my bag. n stop nagging me doing homeworks. i jz simply can't control my short-term-memory specifically specially for homeworks! n i tell u, i got no fate wif books as i jz can't be bother to even flip them. lols. n no, they're not excuses, they r my theories =) anyway, during this holiday, i had such a big discover. is tat i sick everytime holiday is here. not reali tat sick lah but fever, sorethroat, cough, n the most popular flu. hmm, gonna sleep already. i need to n suppose to. lols.

p/s : am really glad tat u r wif me when i needed u the most.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Minor Update.

I noe, my blog dead for a month dy. nvm. when i'm happy = alive, when i'm down = even better. actually not only mine. but i notice tat ppl tend to complain n complain n complain in their blog most of the time. n i'm one of them. bcox right, when ppl r down, they tend to find someone or something or anything tat can help to express their feelings n hoping tat it could help them to cool down. instead of going boxing, constant whining on the phone, shopping or working 24/7 mad, n etc etc, now ppl trend blogging. lols. ppl very funny de loh. depends on their mood, sometimes they public their blog, then they turn it into private n the routine goes on n on until they finish emo-ing. yes, tat's the only conclusion i get as far as my observation. i noe, i'm speaking scientifically out of a sudden. i dun like it either. but i had a dream tat i fail my chemistry last night. all thanks to 'zhou gong'. u noe, the one tat play chess wif ppl in the dream? instead of dreaming m'sia got BooM, i dream tat i fail my chemistry. niceee. anyway, the weather recently is like darn it warm. n my s2pid-idiot-dumb-gay dog, being so smart, sleep on my blanket n cushion. no it's not cute at all. okay lah, i admit he's cute. i tell u, he's far more then jz a dog. he snores when he sleep, he open up his legs a.k.a. chicken feet expecting me to help him put on blanket for him, he act like he's injured as if very kelian which i fall for it n i brought him to the vet n he ended up running here n there miracle-ly, n he act cute everytime after he pee or shyt. no, there's no mistake. they r all true. it's the fact. he's super tricky and smart. tat's y i say, he more then jz a dog ! anyway, am sick right now. having fever n sore throat. having all sorts of colourful pills. white = fever, yellow = flu, pink = sore throat. oh yah shyt, i 4got tat i'm suppose to hav my haircut tday. Zzz. nvm lah, bro sleeping, he oso cant drive me there. he siao i tell u. after skool jiu rush for camp. then come back concert. then back school then go for another camp. hyperactive. lols. oh btw, since i'm too lazy to use the card reader for my camera, i simply google another pic to show how gheyghey act cute =)

p/s : i'm desperate for may to come. i'm simply desperate.