Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mixed Feelings

Oh yes, am a regular visiting blogs when the UT period hits!

Have been dealing with a lot of commitments and some semi deep thoughts on myself recently. Couldn't sleep much these days. Sleeping at the wee hours for doing nothing and being unproductive, waking up to the noises that was meant for the maid only. I guess this pretty sums up my 5 weeks long of school days for now.

Everything is like, going faster than I could catch up! Tick tock tick tock, time flies, I'm suffocating. Was it time chasing me, or me chasing time? I'm confused. It's already week 5 and we're talking about UT 1 next Tuesday. Take a brake, to take a break, at least slow down a little, can? Currently don't want to consider anything that had got to do with my life, work or uni, degree now or later, etc etc. Very often, I just want to leave everything behind and go to somewhere else where I don't know anything or anyone just to appreciate the goodness of life.

Still trying to adjust back to Singapore lifestyle. I kinda miss the procrastination that I had back when I was in China. Well i guess my short term memory symptom didn't take that part away from me. Of course, the 3 weeks break time in Malaysia contributes into the slow adaption as well. I'm so confused!

The mood that resembles, home sweet home? I doubt that.

To walk, to hear, to see, to taste, to feel. Truly Amazing. 

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